Cruising the Galapagos Islands aboard the Silver Galapagos

Once in a lifetime adventures in the western Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Island, known for their unique wildlife and out of this world landscapes, had been on top of my travel bucket list for years. This year, a dream came true for my husband and I when we set out for a journey to this archipelago, located almost 1,000 km west of continental Ecuador, with its incredible endemic species and its fantastic volcanic landscapes.


Where to eat as fine food lover in Ecuador’s highlands

4 restaurants for foodies

After having outlined what to see and where to stay on a luxury trip in Ecuador’s highlands in my last posts, I now want to go into where to eat when traveling the area as a gourmet. The highlands have a lot to offer as to natural and cultural sights as well as quality lodging, but there are also good opportunities for dining, also for guests longing for culinary highlights.


Where to stay on a luxury trip in Ecuador’s highlands

6 hotels for demanding travelers

After having outlined a perfect Ecuador’s highlands itinerary in my last post, I now want to go into where to stay when visiting the area as a discerning traveler. The highlands have a lot to offer as to natural and cultural sights, but there are also good opportunities for lodging, also for guests seeking luxury.


A perfect Ecuador's highlands 9-day trip itinerary

Natural & cultural wonders in the Andean region

The Ecuadorian highlands were the vacation destination of my husband and I when being in South America for the first time some weeks ago. We wanted to tour the Galapagos Islands – posts will follow later on –, but also visit Ecuador’s mainland. This is also the most visited region in the country as it has a


Where to stay and eat on a luxury trip in Hong Kong

2 of the best luxury hotels & 9 top restaurants

This time I will go into hotels for discerning travelers and restaurants for lovers of fine food in Hong Kong after having published two posts about things to do in this mesmerizing city (one for first-timers, the other for repeat visitors).


7 things to do in Hong Kong that not everybody does

Collision of two worlds

After having covered what a first-timer to Hong Kong must do in my last post, I now want to outline what a visitor may do when having a bit more time or being here for the second time. I have recently revisited this intriguing city for six days after a ten-day stay two years ago. Out of the abundance of activities I have selected such ones that are worthwhile doing when already


Review of Restaurant Alte Muehle in Olten/Switzerland


Traditional restaurant with innovative food concept

Alte Muehle, an old-established restaurant in Olten’s old town, reopened under new management at the beginning of this month. Whereas the furniture remains more or less unchanged (old wooden tables and chairs), the food concept is new and original. For dinner only, you get a list with ingredients from


7 things to do in Hong Kong that everybody must do

Crossover of tradition & modernity

After having spent six days in Hong Kong just recently and ten days two years before I feel confident about what to see in this fascinating city as a first-timer but also as a repeat visitor. I have identified must-do attractions and such ones you should do when having more time. This first post will be about things ever visitor has to put on its agenda when being in Hong Kong


Review of Restaurant Arthaus, Davos/Switzerland


Eat & art in small restaurant with inventive cuisine

An artist, Diegodo Clavadetscher, and his wife run Restaurant arthaus together with the arthaus Hotel and this shows. There is artwork everywhere you look. Also the restaurant is under the motto of art, the menus are called small and big art and the dishes served are also works of art.