My Google Map of a Japanese journey in style (Part 1: itinerary)


Criss-cross Japan in 3 weeks: “2nd Golden Triangle” & 3 rural additions

When planning our 3-week Japanese journey (together with my husband), I aimed at a mix of popular places (Tokyo and Kyoto) and some quieter, more rural ones to encounter a different side of the country – and to take a break from the crowds. As always on our trips, I strived for staying at hotels and dining at restaurants that promise to travel in style, what was easier said than done! As Westerner in Japan, you have no feel for what is good and what might be less so. But after a ton of research, I finally managed to put together an itinerary that let my husband and me participate in – as I think – some of the best what this country has to offer.


Where to eat in style on the slopes in Zermatt/Switzerland v.2.0


3 more mountain restaurants for discerning epicure

After returning from my third stay in Zermatt, I want to keep you updated when it comes to eating in style on the slopes in one of the world’s best and biggest ski resorts, located in the western Swiss Alps. Last year, I published a post about eight ski huts for foodies in the area and now I would like to add three more as I further explored the culinary scene in this fabulous ski region.


Review of Restaurant Zur Gedult, Burgdorf near Bern/Switzerland


Refined fine dining in a historic restaurant in the Emmental region

Yet again my husband and I went on tour to explore the best fine dining spots in my home region, the triangle of Basel, Bern and Zurich in Switzerland. This time, we ended up in Burgdorf, a medival town in the Emmental region – where the original Emmental cheese comes from –, not far from Bern. Here, a talented young chef is at work, and these in the historic restaurant of Zur Gedult, where he celebrates a sophisticated cuisine.


Restaurant Stadtbad, Olten/Switzerland with tapas pop-up


Chef Ranchal Expósito in action until summer 2020

Since this May the culinary scene in my home town of Olten in the Swiss Mittelland between Zurich, Basel and Bern has grown by a refined tapas pop-up restaurant called Expósito’s House. The chef, Ranchal Expósito, is known as having helmed one of the fine dining establishments in town. He is now in charge at Restaurant Stadtbad, the oldest tavern in Olten, and this – how it appears – until next summer.


(Super) short trip to Milan & staying at Park Hyatt


The most perfectly located 5 star hotel in Italy’s second largest city

After my recent visit to Turin (see here my posts), I got the chance to get to know another city in north Italy, Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. I was asked to accompany a friend who was invited to visit a jewelry manufactory, which booked us into the Park Hyatt with its best location among all 5 star hotels in town. Although I had not ample chance for explorations, I caught some glimpses of this city, considered by many Italy’s up-and-coming city, not only as to fashion but in other sectors, too.


My Google Map of how to travel in style between Porto & Lisbon in 7 days


What to do and where to stay & dine in Portugal’s core as demanding traveler

After having been to Portugal’s capital Lisbon three times (see my post) and having done a round trip in the country’s south quite a few years ago, my husband and I thought it was high time to go to the area between Porto and Lisbon as well. Above all, we were keen on visiting Portugal’s second largest city of Porto and the adjoining Douro Valley yet wanted to check out the area north of Lisbon just as the coastal town of Cascais or Sintra’s famed historic monuments.


Park Hotel Vitznau, a staycation in one of Switzerland’s most prestigious resorts


A culinary weekend in the country’s core, central Switzerland

Yet another chance to indulge in one of the best hotels (and restaurants) in my home country for my husband and me; this time we were invited by friends who celebrated a special birthday! They had chosen Park Hotel Vitznau on Lake Lucerne for this purpose, and we could not be more delighted to spend a weekend at this hotel jewel, that had opened 2013 after an extensive renovation.


Short trip to Lausanne in the western part of Switzerland


Checking in to Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne-Ouchy

As my husband attended an executive education event in Lausanne, I had the chance to spend some time in Lausanne too, the second largest city in the French-speaking part of Switzerland after Geneva. Like the latter it is located on Lake Geneva and it is a great place to spend a weekend in style in the most beautiful vineyard region in Switzerland, the Lavaux. The choice as to lodging was made by the organizer of the event mentioned (special rate), but I could not have made a better one myself as Hotel Royal Savoy proved to be a true gem.


Short trip to Alsace/France incl. dinner by a 2-star Michelin chef


A great stay at Hotel Le Chambard in picturesque Kaysersberg

A luxury getaway to France is always a good idea, or at least I think so! After many years not visiting the Alsace region in northeastern France, bordering Germany and Switzerland, my husband and I set out to explore a place not yet known to us, Kaysersberg near Colmar. It is considered to be one of the most charming places in the area and also home to a fine hotel with a restaurant catering to fine food lovers. And if you want to go for a walk, enjoying the beautiful scenery with lots of vineyards, this is possible as well.