Review of Hotel Banyan Tree, Mahe Island/Seychelles

Splendid location, nice secluded hotel

My husband, my son (14 years) and myself spent just under a week there and we loved it. The location is hardly to beat: The hotel is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches I know, but be beware of the rough sea, it's only for very good swimmers.

The different villas are far-scattered in the nicely landscaped grounds. You really are in a need of the buggy service, especially if you are accommodated in a villa on the hillside as we were.

We chose the least expensive room (and that isn’t cheap at all), the villa on the rocks (on the hillside). You get a bungalow of your own that is usually situated very secluded with a small infinity pool, a nice outdoor living area and a great view on the beach. The indoor room itself is okay but nothing special, however the bathroom is quite extraordinary with a shower overlooking the surroundings, but don’t worry normally nobody can watch you while showering; by the way that’s also the case when you are have a bath in your swimming pool! All in all you really get a superb accommodation. During turn down service they leave a lot of different goodies, really a nice touch.

As far as the food is concerned we tried all three restaurants. We especially liked Chez Lamar (great atmosphere by the pond and local food), Saffron, the Thai restaurant, was also nice (but we didn’d like the buffet that they offer once a week), also the main restaurant (with a Swiss cook) was good. Breakfast is served in the main restaurant where you can choose from a rather small buffet (unfortunately there are no fruits on it) and you can order from a menu with a wide choice. 

Service is usually not to be criticised, first of all in the bar. Also you will be pampered when being in the (small) pool area (chilled towels, iced water, cooling spray and drops), they also offer you to provide deck chairs on the beach. Once we were invited to a drink with the management and got to know the manager of the hotel, a German, and had different interesting chats.

When you are going to this hotel you must be aware of the fact that you are literally „in a gilded cage“, that means you can’t go for a walk outside the hotel as it is very secluded. You have to rent a car for seeing the highlights of the island. I wouldn’t recommend neither trips by bus (it’s quite a walk to the bus stop) or by bicycle (too strenuous and too dangerous).

When you are looking for a hotel that is less isolated I suggest that you are going to one of those in the Beau Vallon area but these are not that exclusive as the Banyan Tree Hotel!

Date of stay: October 2008

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