Review of Hotel Chez le Pacha, Zagora

Nice setting, but that's it

Chez le Pacha is located in the most southern point of Morocco and beautifully laid out. There are 20 rooms (16 tent rooms and 4 suites), we had one of the latter ones.

The suite was in a rustic cottage offering quite a lot of space, a double bed and a single bed, a sitting area, a somewhat frugal bathroom and a large terrace. The hotel has a very nice pool and an appealing garden. Different excursions to the nearby desert are offered, i.e. camel riding, 4&4 trips etc. 

As far as food is concerned, a small breakfast buffet is at your disposal (not very attractively presented) and an unspectacular dinner (three courses) is served. 

All in all, If you want to have a desert feeling then it’s the place to go, otherwise you don’t need to go further than Zagora (but I have to admit that I don’t know the hotels there …).

Date of stay: September 2009

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