Review of Hotel Crosby Street Hotel, New York

Gorgeous design hotel in quiet SoHo location

When I was looking for a hotel in the Soho area I came across to the Firmdale Hotels having a familiar ring from my recent research of hotels in London (we almost chose their “The Soho Hotel” for a stay in London as it enjoys an excellent reputation). Hence, I had a closer look to their Crosby Street Hotel opened half a year ago and I liked what I saw … We decided to give it a try for our family’s stay (couple with a teen) in NYC.

The Crosby Street Hotel is a middle-sized (88 rooms) design hotel in a quiet cobbled street in Soho. It is stylish without being too minimalist but appears warm and comfortable. 

All the rooms have impressing floor-to-ceiling warehouse style windows suiting perfectly to the SoHo area. The junior suite we had was spacious (43 sqm) and tastefully decorated with top quality furniture and was going to a quiet courtyard. There was a very comfortable king size bed and a sofa bed for our son (unfortunately always bedded, I never saw the room with the sofa not made up as a bed …). The bathroom was large enough for the three of us, also beautifully designed, with two sinks, a nice shower and even a TV (but not with many channels working). We did like the room very much although there were some imperfections. For example the air-condition system turned off during night-time without our having a hand in the matter or the wifi did not work (even after we complained).

As far as the public areas were concerned there was a very hip bar/restaurant, a drawing room where you could have drinks when you were looking for peace and quiet or in case all the tables were taken in the bar and there was also a small fitness room. We did not eat in the restaurant except having breakfast four times and this was good (especially the egg dishes, the sweet dishes like waffles and pancakes did not suit us likewise). The service was sometimes rather slow but as we were not in a hurry we did not mind. Also we went to the bar after dinner but as it seemed to be a very popular place there was not always a table available for us but there was always a place in the mentioned drawing room where we were served our drinks. 

Staff in general were pleasant and helpful, again – as with the rooms - there were some imperfections. They were eager to help (a late check-out was granted without hesitation and with no additional costs) but occasionally something went wrong. For instance when my son and I were checking-in the room had not been ready yet so we had to wait in the bar. We did not mind but when my husband arrived more than half an hour later (he had to return our rental car) the person on the reception showed him to our room whereas my son and I were still waiting in the bar without being informed that the room was ready.

One thing as far as the employees were concerned I have to point out: one of them was really extraordinary and that was Stephanie (host in the restaurant/bar). We chatted with her every now and then and one evening as my husband went to the bar on his own he mentioned to her in passing that we had happened to get engaged at this very day 22 years ago in New York (we are Swiss). The next evening when we went to the bar together Stephanie arranged that Champagne and strawberries were served to us to celebrate this anniversary and there was a card added with kind words (in German), what a wonderful touch!

Overall, the Crosby Street Hotel is a very good choice when staying in downtown NYC but it has to be said that as the rates are quite high compared to similar hotels not only a perfect infrastructure is needed (well done here) but also an immaculate service (not always the case).

Date of stay: April 2010

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