Review of Inn Sunflower Hill, Moab

A good choice in a place where such finds are rare

As Moab is not exactly a place where you can find an abundance of first class accommodations, Sunflower Hill stands out from the vast number of mediocre lodging facilities. My husband, my teenage son and I were lucky to

find this heavenly inn for our two days’ stay in Moab and chose the Garret Suite as it offered three separate beds. Although we didn’t take a fancy to the furnishing (too cosy to our taste) we were very satisfied with the size, the amenities and the cleanliness of the suite.

The inn is quietly located in a residential area (with a pool and a nicely landscaped garden) and the main street is about a ten minutes’ walk away. The innkeepers are welcoming enough so that you feel at ease but keep sufficient distance in order not to be invasive.

In the afternoon delicious home made cookies were offered and in the morning a sumptuous breakfast was served. Although it was buffet style the dishes were freshly prepared and everything we tasted was delicious. Rates may seem quite high but it’s worth it.

Date of stay: July 2011

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