Review of Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina

Masterly renovated historic hotel with good facilities and friendly staff

Together with friends (two families with a teenager each) we spent six days at this historic, but expertly renovated hotel. My husband and I had a double room De Luxe and our son had an adjacent Single Room De Luxe in the new wing. Both rooms were well-sized, contemporarily furnished and had well-appointed bathrooms as well as balconies. 

To our astonishment, the hotel was far from being fully booked although we were there in the second week of July (high season in many parts of Switzerland, but not in the Engadine). Sometimes we were completely on our own in the dining room or in the lounge which felt somewhat strange and didn’t contribute to a good atmosphere. Nevertheless, we felt well at ease as most employees were friendly and helpful, especially the ones at the front desk.

As we were on half board, we had dinner in a beautiful ancient hall where the male guests were asked to wear a jacket for it (in the confirmation letter there was even talk of wearing a suit with tie but this turned out to be rather wishful thinking than reality). The staff there was rather formal, especially the male servers. As far as the food was concerned, a fine 5-course-dinner was served and the portions were plentiful. Also the breakfast was taken in this hall. You could help yourself from a well-arranged buffet and egg dishes could be ordered with the personnel. 

The facilities of the Kronenhof are really impressive: In addition to the mentioned half board restaurant there is also an à la carte restaurant (16 points Gault Millau) and a casual place for lunch in the garden. With respect to wellness, there is a fantastic pool area and a beautiful spa. Apart from a bar (where unfortunately smoking is allowed) there is a lounge and several others rooms where you can settle yourself.

Once during our stay there was a guest reception where to our astonishment neither the manager nor many other guests were present. A glass of Prosecco was served but the employees in charge seemed to see no need to refill our glasses once they were empty … 

Anyway, we enjoyed our stay in the Kronenhof as it is a beautiful historic hotel which had been restored masterly, features great facilities and whose staff is usually eager to please.

Date of stay: July 2012

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