Review of Restaurant Glow, Davos/Switzerland


A doyen of high-end cuisine in the Grisons Alps

After several years of cooking at Hotel Seehof Armin Amrein, doyen of high-end cuisine in the area of Davos/Klosters in the Swiss Alps, opened his own restaurant – Glow – in a furniture shop one year ago. It is a small place with an even smaller kitchen, virtually a “shop in the shop” or more accurately a “spot in the shop”. As expected from such a


Review of Restaurant Einstein ("old"), Aarau/Switzerland


Hippest place in town under new management 

Restaurant Einstein had been a favorite of our family in Aarau, where recommended fine dining restaurants are not abundant, for the last decade. Unfortunately, the owner of the building gave over the management to a restaurant group in the area, which had been not known for upscale cuisine so far. Having said this, I will not exclude that this restaurant can hold its ground as culinary hot spot, but I have not yet visited the restaurant since its reopening in August 2016. Time will tell … Of course, we decided to have a farewell dinner before closing down. Please pay attention to the fact


A (premature) obituary for Restaurant Felsenburg, Olten/Switzerland

In paying tribute to my all-time favorite amongst local restaurants

Not long ago, I published my review of Felsenburg on this blog and now I have to announce that this legendary Italian restaurant in my home town closes its door. Although I knew that there were sales negotiations going on, this came as a shock to me. I have been going there regularly for almost 40 years and it never failed to make me enthusiastic.


Review of Restaurant Lungomare, Olten/Switzerland


Fantastic outdoor seating and great pizza but beware of desserts

On a warm summer evening my husband and I had dinner at the Restaurant Lungomare. We were seated on the really beautiful terrace overlooking the river of Aare and the old bridge leading to Olten’s old town. This was not our first visit to this Italian restaurant, but so far we had “only” salad and pizza. This time we ventured into new dishes on the extensive menu.


Review of Restaurant Silvio's Ampere, Rupperswil near Aarau/Switzerland


A cute little eatery on the water’s edge with refined cuisine

The small restaurant in Rupperswil near Aarau in the Swiss Mittelland is my discovery of the year when it comes to eateries in the vicinity of my domicile! In other reviews of restaurants in my surroundings I already mentioned that the town of Aarau is not a foodie’s heaven. Because of that I checked out the restaurants in Aarau’s neighborhood and came across Silvio’s Ampere. After visiting the place in early summer I went another two times and was always delighted by the refined cuisine!


Review of Thai Restaurant Joy, Rickenbach near Olten/Switzerland


Fairly good food in refined surroundings

After having tried out Thai Restaurant Chao-Wang in the area, I got another recommendation for a Thai place from a friend, this time in a village near Olten, Thai Restaurant Joy in Rickenbach. Normally, when our family is craving for Thai food, we choose an eatery in Olten, Goldener Lo(e)wen Lann Thai in Olten, which serves quality Thai food in the upper price range. But this time we decided to check out a place new to us.


Review of Restaurant Aarhof, Olten/Switzerland


Sound performance of cuisine and service in eighties styled decor

This restaurant on the river of Aare is known in town for a sound performance when it comes to traditional cuisine. I have to admit that I have not visited Aarhof for some time as I thought that the cooking is not modern enough for my liking. Having said this, my husband and I decided a few months ago to give it another try. And I have to say that I was quite impressed with the offered.


Review of Restaurant Beluga, Aarau/Switzerland


Good dining experience in the gourmet part, but some points need improvement

Restaurant Beluga is housed in a building in Aarau’s old town, which accommodated quite a few fine dining spots in the last decades. Not all of them lasted a long time. It is to be hoped that this will be different as far as this restaurant is concerned. I get the impression that Beluga was well received in this small town. This does not come as a surprise as Aarau unfortunately cannot be called a foodies’ heaven.


Review of Imada Restaurant, Aarau/Switzerland


Top quality Japanese food in modernist setting

For several years now, Restaurant Imada has been offering Japanese cuisine in the old town of Aarau’s old town worth visiting. Our family visits this eatery regularly, maybe once or twice a year. As I was told, it is authentic Japanese fare. I cannot judge this because neither have I been to Japan nor am I a specialist in this field, but I did like everything I have tasted there, be it sushi or other Japanese food.


Review of Restaurant Fluegelrad, Olten/Switzerland


Unpretentious eatery with simple yet tasty food

The tavern Fluegelrad, more than 130 years old, had been closed for some time when a few years ago three Olten personalities – two writers and a journalist – bought and rebuilt it. Ever since it has been reopened this restaurant has become a popular place for lovers of hearty cuisine.


Review of Muerset Restaurant, Aarau/Switzerland


A safe bet for seriously good food in pleasant ambiance

This restaurant with classic Swiss and French cuisine is one of our family’s favorites in Aarau, and this for years! The small town in the Swiss Mittelland is unfortunately not known as a foodies’ paradise, especially when it comes to places “playing in the top league” for a lengthy period of time. In contrast to this, Muerset stands out as a safe choice for lovers of fine food. and this for many years already.


Review of Chao-Wang Thai Restaurant, Olten/Switzerland


Good enough Thai food, but not a memorable experience

There are quite a few Thai restaurants in the region of Olten. When my family is in the mood for Thai food, we normally go to Goldener Lo(e)wen Lanna Thai in Olten, which serves quality Thai food in the upper price range. A friend recommended Chao-Wang as small place for authentic Thai food and so we gave it a try.


Review of Restaurant Mille Sens, Bern/Switzerland


Good, Asian inspired cuisine in a prime location

My husband and I were looking for a pre-concert dining venue in Bern’s old town. We wanted to have dinner in a not too elegant restaurant with fine cuisine near the main station as we were going to an outdoor event afterwards and were rather casually dressed. We succeeded in finding Mille Sens and considered it as the right choice for this purpose.


Review of Restaurant Salzhaus, Solothurn/Switzerland


Fine European-Asian fusion cuisine in hip setting

This is certainly the most stylish and trendiest place of Solothurn’s fine dining scene. The restaurant is – as its name suggests – an ancient salt house and is situated directly on the river (Aare) in Solothurn’s old town worth seeing. The cuisine is modern, the chef cooks in an European-Asian fusion style. I have been there a few times,


Where to stay and what to do on a luxurious trip to Muscat/Oman

Arabian Nights' delights in Oman's capital

The oriental city of Muscat was the destination of my recent trip together with my husband. As this was already our third visit to Oman’s capital, we are quite familiar with this city in the Middle East.

Muscat is the perfect place of departure for a round trip in Oman, which I strongly recommend to do. Only so you get a true feel for real Arabian Nights. But Oman’s capital is also an ideal spot for a beach getaway. This time, we spent there some lazy days in the sun. Muscat is very convenient for this as it is not too far away from Switzerland (it can be reached in less than six and a half hours via direct flight) and


Review of Restaurant Bruecke, Niedergoesgen between Olten and Aarau/Switzerland


Classic dishes and new taste experiences likewise in a beautiful river setting

This wonderfully located restaurant on the Aare between the two towns of Olten and Aarau in the Swiss Mittelland is worth a culinary trip! Not only is this a place for lovers of fine food, but the Bruecke has also the most picturesque outdoor area of the region.


Review of Restaurant Karma, Trimbach near Olten/Switzerland


Good or bad Karma?

This small Italian restaurant in a neighboring village of Olten has been open for a bit more than a year. This summer, I visited Restaurant Karma twice and I have to admit that I do not know what I am supposed to think of it. But first things first!


Review of Restaurant Elle'n'Belle, Zurich/Switzerland


Inventive vegan food not only for vegans in trendy place

I enjoyed my first visit to a restaurant only offering vegan cuisine. As a flexitarian I am open to get to know such food concepts and was not disappointed by Ell’n’Belle!


Review of Restaurant National, Olten/Switzerland


Creative, well prepared food in casual atmosphere

I have been at this popular restaurant featuring an Euro-Asian cuisine in Olten’s old town several times, for lunch and dinner. Before chief Fabian Strutz – who used to work at another hip restaurant in Olten, Restaurant Terminus – settled here some 2 years ago, the National was a rather run-down tavern, which I gave a wide berth. It was famous for its chicken wings, which the chef has still on its menu.

What makes a good restaurant & restaurant reviews for Switzerland

Special focus on region of Olten & Aarau

Some time ago, I started reviewing restaurants all over Switzerland with a special focus on those in my region, to be more specific, in my home town of Olten. I will continue this work in the time to come and also put another emphasis on the the neighboring region of Aarau. During this summer I visited quite a lot of restaurants in Switzerland, especially in my region,  and I will share my experiences with you.

What makes a good restaurant

I would like to take this opportunity to outline how I proceed when choosing a restaurant. First and foremost, the food has to be good.


4-day luxury trip to Lombok

Lombok, paradisiacal  & unspoiled

Lombok, Bali’s neighboring island, lives in Bali’s shadow. Some say it is like Bali 30 years ago or an “unspoiled Bali”. Whereas I cannot judge the accuracy of this statement (my first visit to Bali was in 2014), I can report from my recent four-day luxury stay in the northwest of Lombok following another trip to Bali.


Where to eat on a luxury stay in Bali

Dream island of Bali as food heaven

In my last post I informed about Bali as a destination for luxury travel. I gave a short overview on popular vacations spots and I made recommendations which towns and luxury hotels to choose as discerning traveler.

I suggested that the towns of Ubud, Semyinak, Sanur and Lovina are suitable for a luxury stay and proposed 5 top


Where to stay and what hotels to choose on a luxury stay in Bali

Tropical island of Bali as luxury destination

Bali is a very popular tourist destination attracting many visitors, from backpackers to luxury travelers. It has much to offer: varied landscapes (among others fantastic rice terraces), rugged coastlines as well as sandy beaches, a unique culture (its particular Hinduism) with its temples well worth seeing, excellent international and local restaurants


Where to stay and eat on a luxury stay in Singapore

Singapore as perfect springboard into Asia

Singapore was on my travel program this year and the one before. This time we – I always travel with my husband - continued on to Bali and Lombok. My next two posts will be on these two tropical islands, always with recommendations for lodging and dining for luxury travelers.


3 days on a luxury stay in Vienna

4 top tips for a luxurious stay in Vienna

The capital of Austria – one of the countries bordering my home country of Switzerland – has about 1.7 million inhabitants and is by far the largest city in Austria. As a tourist and certainly as a first-timer – as this is the case with me – you normally see only a small part of this big city, and


5 days on a luxury stay on the Costa Brava/Spain

4 things to do on a luxury stay on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava - "rugged coast" -  is a coastal region of northeastern Spain. It begins 60 km northeast of Barcelona and stretches to the French Boarder. From the 1960s, this area was developed as a destination for package vacations and got soon a rather bad reputation for its mass tourism with all the associated excesses. But this is just one side of the Costa Brava that besides I very rarely came across


Review of Restaurant Martin, Flueh/Switzerland


Classic French cuisine with a twist, amiable hosts

My husband and I visited this restaurant – situated in my home canton of Solothurn, but bordering France – on the occasion of a business dinner. Our party was much too early, maybe 20 minutes before the restaurant opened, but that was no problem. We were warmly welcomed and seated, which cannot be taken for granted!


My Google Map of Paris 2016

Here you may view my Google Map of Paris 2016 with my recommendations for 3 top hotels, 7 gourmet restaurants and 3 other great food outlets for luxury travelers:

Paris 2016


My travel map 2016

World Map

All the places I have been

I have done my travel map on Google Maps. There you may see all the destinations I have visited so far.

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list
(Susan Sontag)


Review of Grand Hotel du Palais Royale, Paris

Unbeatable location, beautifully renovated, fairly priced

For our family’s short trip to Paris, our choice for a hotel fell on this perfectly located, beautifully renovated hotel in a splendid 18th century building.


Paris: my favorite city

Paris – always worth a visit

Paris is my favorite city by far. When I was a bit over 20 years old, I stayed there for 5 months in order to improve my French skills and since then I absolutely have been devoted to this wonderful city! I frequently visit Paris, certainly every 2 to 4 years I spend some days there.


Review of Hotel The Reluctant Panther, Manchester Village VT/USA

Beautiful inn with superb grounds, fine food and good service

While traveling around in New England, we (2 couples) spent 2 nights at this beautiful country inn in the idyllic Manchester Village.

Review of Church Landing at Mill Falls, Meredith NH/USA

Nice lake view, quaint place, no warm welcome

While vacationing in New England, my husband and I together with another couple stayed at this hotel for 2 nights.


Review of Nine Zero Hotel, Boston

Perfect downtown location, nice design and good comfort

For our 2 nights’ stay in Boston we (2 couples) chose this conveniently situated and well designed hotel in downtown.

Review of Madison Beach Hotel, Madison CT/USA

Great location, room and food okay

We (two couples) stayed 1 night at this hotel when traveling from NYC to Boston. The location is great, right on the beach.


Review of Hotel Caro, Valencia/Spain

Masterfully renovated old palace in top location

This hotel is by far the best choice for demanding travellers in the old town of Valencia. My husband and I chose Caro for our 4 days’ stay in this beautiful and not overly touristy city in the middle of the Spanish Mediterranean coast and fully enjoyed it.


Review of Restaurant Salmen, Olten/Switzerland


Excellently prepared starters & mains, very kind staff

My family (couple with an adult son) has been going to this restaurant since 2003, mostly once a year and appreciates the attractively furnished restaurant in the town center of Olten.


Review of Hotel Samaya, Seminyak/Bali

Great accommodation, awesome setting & friendly staff

In Bali’s upmarket beach town of Seminyak our couple’s choice for a 3 days’ stay fell on Hotel Samaya. The hotel is very conveniently located, directly on the ocean and walkable to many restaurants and shops.


Review of Hotel The Damai, Lovina/Bali

Beautiful pool villa, but no other particular highlights

The hotel is located in a remote part of north Bali, in the hills above Lovina, about a 10-minute shuttle ride away from this rather quiet town. The grounds are stunning, there are well kept gardens and a magnificent sea view.


Review of Hotel Samaya, Ubud/Bali

Staff that goes the extra mile, amazing food and lovely grounds

For our 3 days’ stay in Bali’s must-see town of Ubud my husband and I opted for the Hotel Samaya and enjoyed it there very much. Right after arrival, we marveled at the magnificient view of rice paddies, the luscious landscape and the warmth of the staff.


Review of Restaurant Felsenburg, Olten/Switzerland


Best upscale Italien restaurant ever, and this in my home town

In my post reviewing best restaurants in Olten and surroundings I mentioned that Felsenburg is my all time favorite restaurant in my region over time. I have been a regular at this great restaurant for over 30 years.


My Google Map of New York City 2016

Here you may view my Google Map of New York City 2016 with my recommendations for 1 top hotel and 8 gourmet restaurants south of Midtown for luxury travelers:

New York City 2016 south of Midtown


My definition of luxury travel

Sense of uniqueness

Luxury travel is no easy thing to describe. For me it is some kind of mindset. You are longing for some kind of exclusivity not anybody has access to it. Of course money is needed to reach it, but sufficient financial resources alone are not enough.


On a luxury stay in NYC, NOLA & Florida


2 days in NYC, 3 days in NOLA, then a drive by car to Florida’s Panhandle (Port Saint Joe), further to USA’s oldest city, Saint Augustine, and finally to Miami Beach for 2 days, that sums up my latest trip to the USA together with my husband. As always, we had made sure that we preferably stayed in luxurious hotels and dined at gourmet restaurants if they are available on the one hand and offer value for money on the other hand. We are striving for the best while vacationing, but we do not have money to pour down the drain.


3 days on a luxury stay in Lisbon

3 days in Lisbon as a first-timer

Back from my (third) short trip to Lisbon, Portugal's hilly, coastal capital, here are my tips what to do and where to stay & eat there. As a discerning traveler and foodie I am always on the lookout for good hotels and restaurants and this was not any different in this beautiful city, which is by the way the oldest city in Western Europe.


Best restaurants in my home town of Olten/Switzerland, part II

Olten as a gourmet Mecca in the Swiss Central Plateau: interview I gave to local radio station "Radio 32"

On 2016/03/17, I posted a review of gourmet restaurants of my home town of Olten on my blog and published it on the public group of Olten on Facebook as well. I thought my post could be of interest for people in Olten and I was right. 


3 luxury hotels in 3 different parts of the dream island of Bali

Why go to Bali

Everyone was talking about going to Bali on honeymoon when I married some twenty years ago. My husband and I decided against it at the time and we went to India instead. In 2014, we finally managed to go there and we were thrilled about this beautiful island. There is a bit of everything: fantastic natural beauty, unique culture and heritage, friendly inhabitants and of course an abundance of great beaches – but be well advised, swimming in the sea is not everywhere and always possible, check it out before going. 


Review of Restaurant Terminus, Olten/Switzerland


My favorite eatery in my home town

In my last post reviewing best restaurants in Olten and surroundings I mentioned that Terminus is at the moment my favorite restaurant in town. Several times a year I go there and I am always thrilled of the food they serve in the trendiest restaurant in town. For me it always is a great pleasure to have lunch or dinner there.


Best restaurants in my home town of Olten/Switzerland

Olten as a gourmet Mecca between Zurich, Basle and Berne

This post may be of interest for Swiss in particular as Olten is not a tourist place, sorry folks, but maybe you will be stranding there when you are en route in the area of Zurich, Basle and Berne.


Review of Hotel Zuerserhof, Zuers/Lech / Austria

Simple perfection in the Alps

After having stayed at the Zuerserhof for the ninth time I feel obliged to write a review of this superb hotel once again (see also my earlier one posted on 10/21/2009). I cannot emphasize strongly enough how I feel at ease when being there and I have to return to this hotel again and again.

Luxury skiing vacation in the Alps

Best mountain hotel in Austrian and Swiss Alps

The Zuerserhof is the best mountain hotel I am aware of. As I have been skiing for more than 40 years I am familiar with quite an amount of mountain hotels, especially in Switzerland and also in the adjacent Austria. There is no better hotel in this area than the Zuerserhof in Zuers near Lech in Arlberg/Austria, believe me!


Back from ski vacation in Zuers - looking forward to short stay in Lisbon

What has happened since I announced my return as a blogger? 

When I addressed you last time ("My first blog after a long break" 01/27/2016), I promised to add my reviews of all the hotels visited in 2014 and 2015. I have not been able to manage it already, sorry for this! I have been busy planning trips for 2016 and going into technical details of blogging. By the way, for tipps concerning the latter, I am grateful. In case you are an experienced blogger and you notice some shortcomings on my blog, be free to comment on them. Thank you in advance.