My first blogpost after a long break

Swiss Traveler is back - still watching out for the best hotels and restaurants!

Here I am again! Three years ago, I stopped blogging because I was busy doing a teacher training and working in this job for more than two years (teaching German and English). In the meantime, I quit and decided to blog again about my life as a "Swiss Traveler". 

I call myself a luxury traveler because I like staying at good hotels and like dining in fine restaurants. I strive to find the best everywhere I go. But only if I get value for moneyTo reach this aim, I am ready to sacrifice quite a lot of time for research and planning.

What is new on this blog?

Up to now, I published all the hotel reviews I did for TripAdvisor on this blog and some occasional other posts concerning traveling. From now on, I want to be a lot more active. I will continue reviewing all the hotels of my trips. In addition, I will include reviews on restaurants visited when traveling. I will also report on restaurants of my region (Swiss Central Plateau) as well. Describing my way of traveling and all the work involved shall be another topic.

What were my travel destinations during my taking a time out?

I stopped reviewing but I didn't stop traveling. On the contrary, I was quite busy going on trips. 

In 2013, I spent ski vacations in Zuers/Arlberg in Austria and few days in London in spring. Then in summer, I was on a longer trip in the Northwest of America: Vancouver - Vancouver Island - Oregon Coast - San Francisco. There were also two short stays in Davos and Tonbach/Black Forest in Germany. In fall, I went once again to the USA to visit my son who was in Los Angeles for a language stay. I started in New York, flew to San Diego and travelled by car to Los Angeles.

All the hotels I stayed at during these trips you will find shortly on this blog except of the ones already reviewed earlier. There is one more exception. You will find no review of the hotel we stayed at in Davos because my husband and I were invited. I will go into this later this year after my scheduled fourth stay at this hotel. Take a look at my new reviews. Of course, some time passed since I was there, but I did quite a lot of research on TripAdvisor and on the hotel websites to make sure that they are still up to date.

In the following year (2014), I was skiing in Zuers once again. Then in spring, I went to Balithere is some need to catch up as far as Asia is concerned ... That sommer I spent some days in Valencia/Spain, a week in Ascona/Ticino in Switzerland and some days in Davos again. Finally there was another stay in the USA - you see, I love this country -, this time on the East coast: Madison CT - Boston - Meredith NH - Manchester VT - New York.

In 2015, no surprise, Zuers again, then I felt like returning to the East: ten days in Hong Kong in spring and a little more than two weeks in Singapur and Borneo/Malaysia in summer. This was followed by a short trip to Davos and and eventually (in fall) a few days in Mauritius with a stopover in Dubai on the journey home. 

The reviews of my hotel stays for 2014 and 2015 will follow later this year. I hope I will soon find time to do them! In the meantime, have a look at the ones for 2013.

That's me in front of the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria/USA in 2013 

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