3 luxury hotels in 3 different parts of the dream island of Bali

Why go to Bali

Everyone was talking about going to Bali on honeymoon when I married some twenty years ago. My husband and I decided against it at the time and we went to India instead. In 2014, we finally managed to go there and we were thrilled about this beautiful island. There is a bit of everything: fantastic natural beauty, unique culture and heritage, friendly inhabitants and of course an abundance of great beaches – but be well advised, swimming in the sea is not everywhere and always possible, check it out before going. 


Review of Restaurant Terminus, Olten/Switzerland


My favorite eatery in my home town

In my last post reviewing best restaurants in Olten and surroundings I mentioned that Terminus is at the moment my favorite restaurant in town. Several times a year I go there and I am always thrilled of the food they serve in the trendiest restaurant in town. For me it always is a great pleasure to have lunch or dinner there.


Best restaurants in my home town of Olten/Switzerland

Olten as a gourmet Mecca between Zurich, Basle and Berne

This post may be of interest for Swiss in particular as Olten is not a tourist place, sorry folks, but maybe you will be stranding there when you are en route in the area of Zurich, Basle and Berne.


Review of Hotel Zuerserhof, Zuers/Lech / Austria

Simple perfection in the Alps

After having stayed at the Zuerserhof for the ninth time I feel obliged to write a review of this superb hotel once again (see also my earlier one posted on 10/21/2009). I cannot emphasize strongly enough how I feel at ease when being there and I have to return to this hotel again and again.

Luxury skiing vacation in the Alps

Best mountain hotel in Austrian and Swiss Alps

The Zuerserhof is the best mountain hotel I am aware of. As I have been skiing for more than 40 years I am familiar with quite an amount of mountain hotels, especially in Switzerland and also in the adjacent Austria. There is no better hotel in this area than the Zuerserhof in Zuers near Lech in Arlberg/Austria, believe me!


Back from ski vacation in Zuers - looking forward to short stay in Lisbon

What has happened since I announced my return as a blogger? 

When I addressed you last time ("My first blog after a long break" 01/27/2016), I promised to add my reviews of all the hotels visited in 2014 and 2015. I have not been able to manage it already, sorry for this! I have been busy planning trips for 2016 and going into technical details of blogging. By the way, for tipps concerning the latter, I am grateful. In case you are an experienced blogger and you notice some shortcomings on my blog, be free to comment on them. Thank you in advance.