3 luxury hotels in 3 different parts of the dream island of Bali

Why go to Bali

Everyone was talking about going to Bali on honeymoon when I married some twenty years ago. My husband and I decided against it at the time and we went to India instead. In 2014, we finally managed to go there and we were thrilled about this beautiful island. There is a bit of everything: fantastic natural beauty, unique culture and heritage, friendly inhabitants and of course an abundance of great beaches – but be well advised, swimming in the sea is not everywhere and always possible, check it out before going. 

In addition, there are many terrific hotels and a lot of amazing restaurants, and this offering value for money!
As a result of favorable circumstances, we will go to Bali once again later this year, but more to it later, I am still in a planning stage.

Please note that I will make detailed reviews of the mentioned hotels later on and will post them on my blog, but this may take some time.

South Bali

Where to go when first time in Bali

My husband and I had 10 days to spend in Bali, not a long time to see all the beauties of this island, but certainly long enough to see its highlights. We decided to visit 3 different places. Our trip started in the south, in the Central Highlands, then we traveled to the north coast and finally we returned to the south, this time to the coast as well. We completely left away west Bali, it is said to be little visited. Some parts of east Bali we got to know on the occasion of tours. The best way of seeing the sights in Bali is by hiring a car and a driver. I would not recommend self-driving because there is too much traffic (vast quantities of scooters); it simply is too stressful and also too dangerous. We used Balicab for this purpose and were very satisfied with their services.

First stop Ubud

We first went to Ubud, a town in the Central Highlands that every traveler has to go to! With the many rice fields in its surroundings it is not only full of natural attractions but it is also considered as Bali’s cultural heart. Ubud has an unbelievably high density of luxury hotels. I cannot think of another place where you find so many fantastic hotels! And there are good restaurants in town, too.
With this wide selection of first class accommodations it is not easy to pick the right one for your needs. When choosing the hotel for us we went for one that is high-priced but does not belong to the most expensive ones around Ubud, the Samaya, in the outskirts of the town. It was rated as #1 on TripAdvisor when we went there in 2014, at the moment it is at rank 5.

Hotel Samaya, Ubud, view from restaurant Scene

Second stop Lovina

After having a very pleasant stay in Ubud we headed to the north coast, precisely said to Lovina, where you find quiet villages with black sand beaches. This is a less known part of Bali. Whereas you find masses of people in the south especially on the coast, beaches here are less crowded. Activities in Lovina include dolphin watching and snorkeling. We chose The Damai as a hotel, set back from the sea on a hillside overlooking the ocean. It was ranked as #1 on TripAdvisor in 2014 and still is today.

Hotel The Damai, view from hotel room

Third stop Seminyak

After the tranquility of Lovina and surroundings a return to the bustle of south Bali is scheduled. Bali’s south coast is a busy place, you have to like its hectic pace. As we did not want to stay in Kuta, best known for its scene of surfers and partygoers, and as we had the impression that Nusa Dua, at the southern tip of Bali, is a bit a gated community, our choice fell on Seminyak. This place is about 15 minutes north of Kuta and can best be described as an upscale beach resort area. There are a many possibilities for fine dining, boutique shopping and nightlife. But there also is heavy traffic, even in mid-season. As a hotel we went again for a “Samaya Hotel” (as in Ubud), this time the Samaya, directly on the beach. When we were there in 2014 it was at the top of The TripAdvisor recommendations, at the moment it ranks #4. 

Hotel Samaya, Seminyak, view from in front of hotel room

Where to go when second time in Bali

I am pondering about this because – as mentioned at the beginning – I will go again to Bali later this year. My husband and I agreed that as a first stop we want to go to Ubud again, but in a different hotel (not because we were not content, but because we enjoy variety). At the end of our vacation, we also go to Lombok (neighboring island). There we will stay at the Lombok Lodge. That is the only hotel we have already fixed, all the rest is open. Do you have any tips for me? I would be glad to hear from you.


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