Back from ski vacation in Zuers - looking forward to short stay in Lisbon

What has happened since I announced my return as a blogger? 

When I addressed you last time ("My first blog after a long break" 01/27/2016), I promised to add my reviews of all the hotels visited in 2014 and 2015. I have not been able to manage it already, sorry for this! I have been busy planning trips for 2016 and going into technical details of blogging. By the way, for tipps concerning the latter, I am grateful. In case you are an experienced blogger and you notice some shortcomings on my blog, be free to comment on them. Thank you in advance.

I also have also been away and this for ski vacation in Zuers/Arlberg in Austria - as in the last three years and for the ninth time totally! I will post a hotel review soon and also go into more details of this fabulous mountain hotel. 

What are my next vacation projects for 2016?

Shortly, I will go to Lisbon/Portugal for a few days. I have already been to this beautiful ancient city. Nine years ago I spent some days there before going to Madeira. The highlights of Lisbon certainly include the old quarters such as Bairro Alto and Alfama, the splendid avenues and squares of Baixa, the former fishing village of Belem and the idyllic Parque das Nacoes (EXPO 1998) on the banks of the Tagus River.

At the time, I chose the Four Seasons Hotel near the Avenida da Liberdade, situated a bit outside the centre and the old town. Although I did like it there and it still receives good reviews at TripAdvisor, I decided to choose another hotel for the trip to come, a smaller, newer one in the middle of the old town. Restaurants bookings are done as well. More on this trip you will find here after my return home!
Singapur 2015

The short trip to Lisbon shall be followed by a longer to the USA again - as you may have noticed, I am big fan of this beautiful country! This time the trip starts in NYC, then goes to New Orleans (my first stay there) and from there with stops in Florida's Panhandle and St. Augustine to Miami.

Later this year, there will be a shorter stay in Ticino (Switzerland) or South Tirol (Italy), that has not been fixed yet, and in Davos. Already partly booked is a trip to Singapore, Bali and Lombok as my son will go to Singapore for an exchange semester.

That is it for the moment. I hope you will follow my blog in order to learn more about the best accommodations and dining spots in the places I will travel to.

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