Review of Restaurant Terminus, Olten/Switzerland


My favorite eatery in my home town

In my last post reviewing best restaurants in Olten and surroundings I mentioned that Terminus is at the moment my favorite restaurant in town. Several times a year I go there and I am always thrilled of the food they serve in the trendiest restaurant in town. For me it always is a great pleasure to have lunch or dinner there.

Exterior of Terminus


As stated on the restaurant’s homepage, cross-over cuisine for cosmopolitan gourmets is offered there. The chef combines Asian ingredients with Mediterranean elements.
There is “only” an a la carte menu available (no fixed menus). On the one hand, you find Terminus classics on it like Angus beef entrecote Robespierre “Ojo de Agua”, my husband’s favorite dish. This is thinly sliced entrecote with pink pepper and olive oil. On the other hand, there are more creative dishes on the menu such as a shortly cooked king fish with venere rice and chutney with pumpkin and mango; this dish I had when I was last time there in February 2016. It really was delicious as well as the inventive starter I had, boiled veal with herb vinaigrette and potatoes in two versions. At first sight, this starter does not sound very spectacular, but it was one of the best starters I ever had. It is a variety of tastes merging into each other, sublime!
The desserts are very tasty as well, although there is not exactly a broad selection available. I am fond of the “Ladies Dream”, home made macadamia ice cream with marinated blueberries and chocolate crunch.

Starter: Yellow Fin Saku Tuna


As to the chef, you have to note something special. There is a head coach named Pascal Schwarz whose first job is it to cook at the “Patoro Cocina”. This is a private cigar club with an adjoining (likewise private) restaurant where really inventive multi-course surprise menus are served. In November 2015, I had the chance to eat there at the kitchen table. It was truly a memorable experience, but more to this place maybe on another occasion. Back to Pascal Schwarz, who also is the former chef of another restaurant of my review of best restaurants in Olten, namely “Schlosserei Genussfabrik”, he seems to be some kind of a consultant for the “Terminus” as of rather recently. There is another chef, the so-called sous chef, Manuel Steigmeier, who is the actual cook of the restaurant. You have to know as well that this second man has not been in charge for a very long time. This due to the fact that the former chef of “Terminus”, Fabian Strutz, gave up his job a the restaurant some time ago in order to open his own restaurant, the “National”, another restaurant of my review of best restaurants in Olten.
To cut a long story short, there are two persons in charge of the cuisine at “Terminus”, one more as an adviser, the other more as a performer. There was some staff turnover in the cuisine not a long a time ago. But the most important thing is, there was no negative impact of this change on the quality of the food. On the contrary, in my view the cuisine is even more refined and you find terrific flavor compositions with the newly offered dishes. As far as the quantity of the food is concerned, I noticed some change. In the past, some dishes were served in huge portions. Now, the size of the portions can best be described as adequate (suitable for the average diner).

Plums of Pata Negra

Price level

If you are on a budget, “Terminus” may not be the restaurant of your choice. Prices are at a rather high level, but there also are affordable dishes on the menu. For lunch there are three quite reasonably priced daily specials available. I have the impression that prices have been increased lately, but I still feel that the price level is adequate in relation to the offered.

Interior of Terminus


Staff is friendly and efficient. Kayhan Sabo, the owner, is often around and always has a kind word for everybody. Staff suits the trendy character of the place meaning it is not overly formal but rather easy-going. I – as a middle-aged woman – always feel comfortable at this restaurant although sometimes – when something is going on in the adjoining club – the clientele is young and in rather sexy outfits. The restaurant is indeed a gain for the restaurant scene in Olten and this has been the case not only since yesterday, but for many years.

Date of visit: February 2016

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