Luxury skiing vacation in the Alps

Best mountain hotel in Austrian and Swiss Alps

The Zuerserhof is the best mountain hotel I am aware of. As I have been skiing for more than 40 years I am familiar with quite an amount of mountain hotels, especially in Switzerland and also in the adjacent Austria. There is no better hotel in this area than the Zuerserhof in Zuers near Lech in Arlberg/Austria, believe me!

For  a hotel review, please look at the other post of today. It was published  a short time ago at TripAdvisor where I am top contributor, especially in the field of luxury travel.

I want to give you some additional information about the culinary delights this hotel offers. The food you get at the Zuerserhof is the best I have ever had in any hotel, and I am a discerning foodie!

Exterior with outdoor terrace (lunch time)

Heaven for food lovers: Lunch in four courses and dinner in 6 courses

Lunch - Zuerserhof is a hotel where you absolutely should not miss this meal - is served in four courses. There is first a splendid buffet with starters and salads, then there is a delicious soup. Further, you order your main course out of three offers and finally there is a choice of two very tasty desserts. When you have a sweet tooth, do not leave away the last course, the desserts are beyond belief! If you do not like the offered, you can always order some other dishes.

Dinner is a treat, too. On five nights per week there is a six course dinner, on one night there is a gala dinner and on another one there is the traditional Austrian farmer's buffet. Once a week a sumptuous dessert buffet is at your disposal. An absolute highlight is the daily cheese buffet! You can choose from about 100 cheeses, really amazing (when there is farmer's or dessert buffet, the choice is smaller).

Following few photos illustrate what you can expect from a lunch. Go to the Zuerserhof if you care as much about food as I do. You can't go wrong there when it comes to food!

Lunch menu

Sample of starters' buffet

Fish main course

Dessert: Austrian specialty

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