Best restaurants in my home town of Olten/Switzerland, part II

Olten as a gourmet Mecca in the Swiss Central Plateau: interview I gave to local radio station "Radio 32"

On 2016/03/17, I posted a review of gourmet restaurants of my home town of Olten on my blog and published it on the public group of Olten on Facebook as well. I thought my post could be of interest for people in Olten and I was right. 

Not only had I almost 700 clicks on this post on my blog, but I was also asked to give an interview of the restaurant scene of Olten on the local radio station "Radio 32"! It was broadcasted on 2016/04/04, in 5 parts throughout the morning! Below you can find it, listen to it!

Of course, the broadcast is in Swiss German as I gave it to a local radio station and as I am a Swiss German as well. Be advised: not even German people could understand me as Swiss German is a dialect and in addition to this, I am a fast speaker! But you find a translation of the most important points below.

Quick summary of the interview on best restaurants in the region of Olten


Franziska Mueller blogs on restaurants and reviews them also on TripAdvisor. She is not a professional restaurant reviewer, but an very interested amateur. She is not paid for her services, she blogs out of passion and wants to reach people who are interested in the subject. She is especially fond of restaurants with innovative, creative cuisine and offering a modern, urban atmosphere at the same time.

First restaurant recommendation: Restaurant National in Olten 

This restaurant offers a creative artist's dish combining Asian and European influences on the one hand, and more traditional dishes on the other side. There is no menu, but only a blackboard announcing the daily special

Second restaurant recommendation: Restaurant Terminus in Olten 

This restaurant is Franziska Mueller's favorite for the the time being. It offers a very innovative cuisine and it is constantly improving. Recently, she tasted a very inventive dish there, boiled veal with potatoes in two versions. This does not sound spectacular, but it was amazing. There was a variety of tastes merging into each other. Staff at the "Terminus" suits the trendy character of the restaurant, it is cool, friendly and competent.

Third restaurant recommendation: Restaurant Bruecke in Niedergoegen 
"Bruecke" has a very talented chief, he knows how to prepare culinary delights! Franziska Mueller had once a fantastic appetizer there, scallops with avocado in a wonderful combination. Other than innovative cuisine, you find more traditional dishes there and the garden terrace on the Aare is the most beautiful in the region.

Fourth restaurant recommendation: Restaurant Fluegelrad in Olten

Franziska Mueller recommends this restaurant near the station in Olten when you are more into hearty cuisine. Fresh ingredients are prepared there in a skillful manner.

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