Review of Restaurant Salmen, Olten/Switzerland


Excellently prepared starters & mains, very kind staff

My family (couple with an adult son) has been going to this restaurant since 2003, mostly once a year and appreciates the attractively furnished restaurant in the town center of Olten.


Review of Hotel Samaya, Seminyak/Bali

Great accommodation, awesome setting & friendly staff

In Bali’s upmarket beach town of Seminyak our couple’s choice for a 3 days’ stay fell on Hotel Samaya. The hotel is very conveniently located, directly on the ocean and walkable to many restaurants and shops.


Review of Hotel The Damai, Lovina/Bali

Beautiful pool villa, but no other particular highlights

The hotel is located in a remote part of north Bali, in the hills above Lovina, about a 10-minute shuttle ride away from this rather quiet town. The grounds are stunning, there are well kept gardens and a magnificent sea view.


Review of Hotel Samaya, Ubud/Bali

Staff that goes the extra mile, amazing food and lovely grounds

For our 3 days’ stay in Bali’s must-see town of Ubud my husband and I opted for the Hotel Samaya and enjoyed it there very much. Right after arrival, we marveled at the magnificient view of rice paddies, the luscious landscape and the warmth of the staff.


Review of Restaurant Felsenburg, Olten/Switzerland


Best upscale Italien restaurant ever, and this in my home town

In my post reviewing best restaurants in Olten and surroundings I mentioned that Felsenburg is my all time favorite restaurant in my region over time. I have been a regular at this great restaurant for over 30 years.


My Google Map of New York City 2016

Here you may view my Google Map of New York City 2016 with my recommendations for 1 top hotel and 8 gourmet restaurants south of Midtown for luxury travelers:

New York City 2016 south of Midtown


My definition of luxury travel

Sense of uniqueness

Luxury travel is no easy thing to describe. For me it is some kind of mindset. You are longing for some kind of exclusivity not anybody has access to it. Of course money is needed to reach it, but sufficient financial resources alone are not enough.