Review of Hotel The Damai, Lovina/Bali

Beautiful pool villa, but no other particular highlights

The hotel is located in a remote part of north Bali, in the hills above Lovina, about a 10-minute shuttle ride away from this rather quiet town. The grounds are stunning, there are well kept gardens and a magnificent sea view.

My husband and I had booked a pool villa for our 3 days’ stay and were happy with our choice, especially as passing the accommodations without pool – not offering a lot of privacy – on the way to our room at the lower part of the property.
The pool villa we had is gorgeous. There is a huge bedroom with a lounge area, both beautifully decorated, an inside bathroom with two sinks and a large outside shower. And best of all, there is this magnificent infinity pool with a splendid view of the sea, beautiful! Having said this, there also are some negative points. The AC is not very effective, whereas the living room is very cold, the sleeping area is not cold enough. I would have preferred to have an indoor shower as well as at certain times you would not want to shower outside, e.g. when its pouring rain. But that is it …

Pool and deck of pool villa


As far as food is concerned, the breakfast is excellent. There is an amazing range of fresh fruits, delicious baked good and tasty hot entrees. We also dined twice at the hotel. Dinner takes place at the poolside what we found a nice thing. As to the menu, I think the Damai tries hard to offer top notch cuisine but does not fully achieve this goal. There are a lot of western choices on the menu, in my view the Balinese cuisine is a bit under-represented. One night, we had to wait long until the food arrived. While already being quite impatient, an employee, looking like a managing one, came to our table and bragged about the restaurant’s qualities what we found a bit inadequate. Overall, dinners were quite good, but not outstanding.

Beach in Lovina


With regard to the facilities it can be said that neither the hotel pool (available to all guests) nor the spa are sufficient for a hotel of this class. Whereas the former is very small and shows age, we only had an average massage (included in the hotel rate) in the rather underwhelming rooms of the latter.
The service quality was good without being superior. As the pool villas are butler-serviced there was a female butler taking care for us. She did a good job, but apart from her, none of the other staff made a lasting impression.

As a whole, we really enjoyed our beautiful pool villa, the exquisite breakfast and our butler’s care, but otherwise we were a bit disappointed by the hotel’s performance.

Date of stay: April 2014

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