Review of Hotel Samaya, Seminyak/Bali

Great accommodation, awesome setting & friendly staff

In Bali’s upmarket beach town of Seminyak our couple’s choice for a 3 days’ stay fell on Hotel Samaya. The hotel is very conveniently located, directly on the ocean and walkable to many restaurants and shops.

Before being able to enter the hotel’s grounds our car had to go through a strict control to make sure we did not carry explosives. We did not mind because it was for good reason. Once admitted, the general manager personally introduced himself to us, and a female butler led us to our room, a 1 Bedroom Royal Pavilion.


We as widely traveled guests have seen a lot of luxurious accommodations, but this one really produced a wow effect. The Royal Pavilion is located beach-size, has a huge private pool and a gazebo with a daybed and a dining area, and this surrounded by luscious tropical greenery. The interior is separated in 3 areas: the biggest bathroom/change area I have ever seen, a bedroom and a living room, all luxuriously equipped in a modern style. In short, the accommodation is absolutely amazing! Its’ garden is walled – as all the other ones -, this provides a lot of privacy, but there is no view. That’s a pity, because when you leave the room, you have a wonderful view of the sea and the pool area.

Royal Pavilion in the background, pool and garden in the front

Private pool and garden of Royal Pavilion

Besides the main complex – where our accommodation is located – there is also another one, named Royal Courtyard. It is across the road, a bit away from the front row, accessible either by foot or by buggy. As we had a late departure on our last day, we generously were granted a villa there. It also is nice there, but a bit away from everything, I personally would opt for a room in the main complex by the beach.

Bathroom/change area of Royal Pavilion


There are 2 restaurants onsite, “Breeze” in the main complex and “Brasserie” at the Royal Courtyard. “Breeze” is open all day, the other one only in the evening.  We only were at the former. The meals are served there right on the beach, you hear the sound of waves crashing, the setting is divine. Breakfast is good, served a la carte only, in large portions. In the afternoon, there is a complimentary afternoon tea, a nice touch. Once we also had dinner at “Breeze”. We had a pleasant meal, but we did not consider the food as especially memorable. We liked the cuisine in the sister hotel in Ubud better.

Birthday cake from the hotel


Staff is friendly, helpful and ready to cater for every need. The atmosphere is not as warm as it is in the sister hotel in Ubud, but that also may be due to the bigger numbers of rooms. I have one remark to make because of our female butler. She generally was eager to please, but unfortunately she did not take her shoes off when showing us our accommodation on the first day as the employees at the other 2 hotels we stayed at in Bali did; a small, but not insignificant failure.

Overall, we had an enjoyable stay at this wonderfully located hotel. The room we had is out of this world and the setting on the beach is gorgeous. Having said that, it is a pity that swimming in the ocean was not possible, at least when we were there (April), the waves were way to big. We also disliked the traffic chaos on Seminyak’s roads. We probably would not return to this beach town.

Hotel beach

Date of stay: April 2014

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