Review of Restaurant Bruecke, Niedergoesgen between Olten and Aarau/Switzerland


Classic dishes and new taste experiences likewise in a beautiful river setting

This wonderfully located restaurant on the Aare between the two towns of Olten and Aarau in the Swiss Mittelland is worth a culinary trip! Not only is this a place for lovers of fine food, but the Bruecke has also the most picturesque outdoor area of the region.


Review of Restaurant Karma, Trimbach near Olten/Switzerland


Good or bad Karma?

This small Italian restaurant in a neighboring village of Olten has been open for a bit more than a year. This summer, I visited Restaurant Karma twice and I have to admit that I do not know what I am supposed to think of it. But first things first!


Review of Restaurant Elle'n'Belle, Zurich/Switzerland


Inventive vegan food not only for vegans in trendy place

I enjoyed my first visit to a restaurant only offering vegan cuisine. As a flexitarian I am open to get to know such food concepts and was not disappointed by Ell’n’Belle!


Review of Restaurant National, Olten/Switzerland


Creative, well prepared food in casual atmosphere

I have been at this popular restaurant featuring an Euro-Asian cuisine in Olten’s old town several times, for lunch and dinner. Before chief Fabian Strutz – who used to work at another hip restaurant in Olten, Restaurant Terminus – settled here some 2 years ago, the National was a rather run-down tavern, which I gave a wide berth. It was famous for its chicken wings, which the chef has still on its menu.

What makes a good restaurant & restaurant reviews for Switzerland

Special focus on region of Olten & Aarau

Some time ago, I started reviewing restaurants all over Switzerland with a special focus on those in my region, to be more specific, in my home town of Olten. I will continue this work in the time to come and also put another emphasis on the the neighboring region of Aarau. During this summer I visited quite a lot of restaurants in Switzerland, especially in my region,  and I will share my experiences with you.

What makes a good restaurant

I would like to take this opportunity to outline how I proceed when choosing a restaurant. First and foremost, the food has to be good.


4-day luxury trip to Lombok

Lombok, paradisiacal  & unspoiled

Lombok, Bali’s neighboring island, lives in Bali’s shadow. Some say it is like Bali 30 years ago or an “unspoiled Bali”. Whereas I cannot judge the accuracy of this statement (my first visit to Bali was in 2014), I can report from my recent four-day luxury stay in the northwest of Lombok following another trip to Bali.


Where to eat on a luxury stay in Bali

Dream island of Bali as food heaven

In my last post I informed about Bali as a destination for luxury travel. I gave a short overview on popular vacations spots and I made recommendations which towns and luxury hotels to choose as discerning traveler.

I suggested that the towns of Ubud, Semyinak, Sanur and Lovina are suitable for a luxury stay and proposed 5 top


Where to stay and what hotels to choose on a luxury stay in Bali

Tropical island of Bali as luxury destination

Bali is a very popular tourist destination attracting many visitors, from backpackers to luxury travelers. It has much to offer: varied landscapes (among others fantastic rice terraces), rugged coastlines as well as sandy beaches, a unique culture (its particular Hinduism) with its temples well worth seeing, excellent international and local restaurants