What makes a good restaurant & restaurant reviews for Switzerland

Special focus on region of Olten & Aarau

Some time ago, I started reviewing restaurants all over Switzerland with a special focus on those in my region, to be more specific, in my home town of Olten. I will continue this work in the time to come and also put another emphasis on the the neighboring region of Aarau. During this summer I visited quite a lot of restaurants in Switzerland, especially in my region,  and I will share my experiences with you.

What makes a good restaurant

I would like to take this opportunity to outline how I proceed when choosing a restaurant. First and foremost, the food has to be good.

This means that only fresh, first-quality products are used and this in a skillful manner. This definition excludes of course the use of processed food. As a consequence, a great number of restaurants drop from the scope from the outset. Another implication of this quality demand is that the eateries will mostly not be able to offer inexpensive dishes. Using best goods and preparing them expertly is not a cheap affair!

Restaurant Glow, Davos/Switzerland


Another important point when choosing the "right" restaurant for my need is the ambiance of the place. I do like elegantly styled restaurants, but with time I developed a preference for more modernly furnished eateries. I like it when the restaurant has a cool vibe. I do not need white tablecloths, bare tables are okay with me. Totally unacceptable to me is, when the tablecloths are not changed after every customer. Strictly taboo in my view is also the use of placemats, which are not machine washed after every use. On balance, I am in the process of becoming a great fan of casual fine dining, but perfectly executed (no "dubious" placements etc.)!

Restaurant Vintro Kitchen, Miami Beach

Food style

When it comes to my preferences regarding food style, I favor contemporary food over hearty fare and I always have an eye on younger chefs with innovative ideas. I like sophisticated haute cuisine, but not all the times. Increasingly over time, I "only" want to have rather simple food, but prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients, and with a twist. A good-quality meat is not enough, it must be masterfully prepared with a certain finesse.

Restaurant Terminus, Olten/Switzerland

Other influences

Of course, there are other factors influencing my choice of restaurants that I need not dwell on at this point. These include friendliness and competence of staff, pricing and possible other points.

Restaurant The Kitchen at Bacchanalia, Singapore

First restaurant review of this series

After having stated what makes a restaurant good to me I come back to reviews of restaurant visited in Switzerland and with a special focus on those close to my home in Olten. Restaurant National in Olten makes a start. And as always, I appreciate your comments! Do not hesitate to use the comment form at the end of my post.

Myself having a meal on a "dubious" placemat in NYC

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