Review of Restaurant Beluga, Aarau/Switzerland


Good dining experience in the gourmet part, but some points need improvement

Restaurant Beluga is housed in a building in Aarau’s old town, which accommodated quite a few fine dining spots in the last decades. Not all of them lasted a long time. It is to be hoped that this will be different as far as this restaurant is concerned. I get the impression that Beluga was well received in this small town. This does not come as a surprise as Aarau unfortunately cannot be called a foodies’ heaven.


Review of Imada Restaurant, Aarau/Switzerland


Top quality Japanese food in modernist setting

For several years now, Restaurant Imada has been offering Japanese cuisine in the old town of Aarau’s old town worth visiting. Our family visits this eatery regularly, maybe once or twice a year. As I was told, it is authentic Japanese fare. I cannot judge this because neither have I been to Japan nor am I a specialist in this field, but I did like everything I have tasted there, be it sushi or other Japanese food.


Review of Restaurant Fluegelrad, Olten/Switzerland


Unpretentious eatery with simple yet tasty food

The tavern Fluegelrad, more than 130 years old, had been closed for some time when a few years ago three Olten personalities – two writers and a journalist – bought and rebuilt it. Ever since it has been reopened this restaurant has become a popular place for lovers of hearty cuisine.


Review of Muerset Restaurant, Aarau/Switzerland


A safe bet for seriously good food in pleasant ambiance

This restaurant with classic Swiss and French cuisine is one of our family’s favorites in Aarau, and this for years! The small town in the Swiss Mittelland is unfortunately not known as a foodies’ paradise, especially when it comes to places “playing in the top league” for a lengthy period of time. In contrast to this, Muerset stands out as a safe choice for lovers of fine food. and this for many years already.


Review of Chao-Wang Thai Restaurant, Olten/Switzerland


Good enough Thai food, but not a memorable experience

There are quite a few Thai restaurants in the region of Olten. When my family is in the mood for Thai food, we normally go to Goldener Lo(e)wen Lanna Thai in Olten, which serves quality Thai food in the upper price range. A friend recommended Chao-Wang as small place for authentic Thai food and so we gave it a try.


Review of Restaurant Mille Sens, Bern/Switzerland


Good, Asian inspired cuisine in a prime location

My husband and I were looking for a pre-concert dining venue in Bern’s old town. We wanted to have dinner in a not too elegant restaurant with fine cuisine near the main station as we were going to an outdoor event afterwards and were rather casually dressed. We succeeded in finding Mille Sens and considered it as the right choice for this purpose.


Review of Restaurant Salzhaus, Solothurn/Switzerland


Fine European-Asian fusion cuisine in hip setting

This is certainly the most stylish and trendiest place of Solothurn’s fine dining scene. The restaurant is – as its name suggests – an ancient salt house and is situated directly on the river (Aare) in Solothurn’s old town worth seeing. The cuisine is modern, the chef cooks in an European-Asian fusion style. I have been there a few times,


Where to stay and what to do on a luxurious trip to Muscat/Oman

Arabian Nights' delights in Oman's capital

The oriental city of Muscat was the destination of my recent trip together with my husband. As this was already our third visit to Oman’s capital, we are quite familiar with this city in the Middle East.

Muscat is the perfect place of departure for a round trip in Oman, which I strongly recommend to do. Only so you get a true feel for real Arabian Nights. But Oman’s capital is also an ideal spot for a beach getaway. This time, we spent there some lazy days in the sun. Muscat is very convenient for this as it is not too far away from Switzerland (it can be reached in less than six and a half hours via direct flight) and