Review of Chao-Wang Thai Restaurant, Olten/Switzerland


Good enough Thai food, but not a memorable experience

There are quite a few Thai restaurants in the region of Olten. When my family is in the mood for Thai food, we normally go to Goldener Lo(e)wen Lanna Thai in Olten, which serves quality Thai food in the upper price range. A friend recommended Chao-Wang as small place for authentic Thai food and so we gave it a try.


The restaurant is indeed tiny and simply furnished, a spot for casual dining. The host, a native Thai, who is a trained Thai and sushi cook, is chef and server at the same time. You feel comfortable in this intimate place, although I consider the interior as somewhat mismatched.



The menu is fairly extensive, I would call it typical Thai, although I have to admit that I have never been to Thailand. We had some classic dishes as starters: spring rolls and a green papaya salad. They were good, but not different from such ones we had had in the past. As to mains, we opted for a chicken dish (green curry, coconut milk, bamboo sprouts and eggplants) and for one with duck (red curry, coconut milk and basil). Both were tasty enough, but a bit bland in my view. According to my friend it is supposed to be like the food you get in Thailand. Maybe I am used to Thai food customized to western tastes, but the dinner at Chao-Wang did not leave a lasting impression.

Starter: Green Papaya Salad


Service is efficient, friendly and attentive. Prices seem reasonable to me, the Thai restaurant we usually visit in Olten, Goldener Lo(e)wen Lanna Thai, is more expensive, although food ingredients and preparation there are probably more costly.

Main: Green Curry with Chicken, Coconut Milk, Bamboo Sprouts & Eggplants

On the whole, food was good enough at Chao-Wang, but it was not a memorable experience. I am not sure whether I will return to this Thai restaurant.

Main: Red Curry with Duck, Coconut Milk & Basil

Date of visit: June 2016

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