Review of Muerset Restaurant, Aarau/Switzerland


A safe bet for seriously good food in pleasant ambiance

This restaurant with classic Swiss and French cuisine is one of our family’s favorites in Aarau, and this for years! The small town in the Swiss Mittelland is unfortunately not known as a foodies’ paradise, especially when it comes to places “playing in the top league” for a lengthy period of time. In contrast to this, Muerset stands out as a safe choice for lovers of fine food. and this for many years already.


Do not be confused when you take a first look at the restaurant. It is divided into three parts. First, there is the signature eatery, the Restaurant, which is the most upscale choice. It serves refined cuisine in a somewhat traditional-cozy atmosphere. Then you can choose the Brasserie, the French-styled restaurant where you get bistro cuisine. Finally, there is the Weinstube, the most casual place of all. In summer, there is a large terrace, part of the so-called “Riviera” (several restaurants that have adjoining terraces). In my view, it does not really matter which restaurant you choose because quite a few dishes are available in all of them. Unless you put emphasis on an elegant atmosphere (choose the Restaurant), you can either go to the Brasserie or the Weinstube. When we do not have a special event, we usually choose the Brasserie. My review is also on this restaurant. I do also appreciate this restaurant’ opening times. When other restaurants are closed, this one is (mostly) open.

Main: Calf's Liver w/Mushrooms, Carrots & Noodles


When it comes to style, Muerset certainly is not my first choice. The interior’s design is not of recent date and cannot be called modern. It best can be described as rustic with some classic elements. Having said this, you feel at ease there. I tend to ignore the interior’s style and concentrate instead on the food, which is more a highlight than the design.

Brasserie: interior


As my last visit to this restaurant was one in the Brasserie, I confine myself here to this place. As mentioned, you get bistro cuisine there, but also classic dishes. Food is always good, expertly prepared and reasonably priced. Do not expect fancy creations, but the chef knows his business. There are great options on the menu and in some cases dishes with a twist. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We had a nice experience once at the Restaurant. The chef passed by after the meal and introduced two young apprentices, a nice touch!

Swiss Saddle of Lamb with Herb Crust, Kenya Beans, Carrots & Potato-Rosemary Gratin

Sampled food

As we were a group, we ordered quite various dishes, from a fish dish (Swiss char with lemon, coriander, papaya, mushrooms and rice) to several meat dishes (cornfed chicken breast with red wine sauce, olives, dried tomatoes, carrots and fried potatoes; calf’s liver strips with mushrooms, carrots and noodles, Swiss saddle of lamb with herb crust, Kenya beans, carrots and potato-rosemary gratin). All main dishes were well prepared & scrumptious, there was absolutely nothing to complain about. Also the ordered desserts (Tarte Tatin, chocolate mousse with mango compote and poppy seed cake, strawberry sorbet and elderflower custard on strawberry salad with Prosecco) were well received.

Swiss Char w/Lemon, Coriander, Papaya, Mushrooms & Rice

All in all, overall experience of Muerset was good as it is almost always the case when eating there. I am not a huge fan of the restaurant's design, but I can live with it. As long as the food is good, this is not that important to me.

Strawberry Sorbet & Elderflower Custard on Strawberry Salad w/Prosecco

Date of visit: June 2016

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