Review of Restaurant Fluegelrad, Olten/Switzerland


Unpretentious eatery with simple yet tasty food

The tavern Fluegelrad, more than 130 years old, had been closed for some time when a few years ago three Olten personalities – two writers and a journalist – bought and rebuilt it. Ever since it has been reopened this restaurant has become a popular place for lovers of hearty cuisine.


As you would expect from such a restaurant, it is neither an elegant nor a trendy place. It is simply furnished and its atmosphere is rustic. Nevertheless, you feel comfortable there, whether you are a white or a blue collar worker. Its location, a few steps from the railway station, is a plus. A drawback is that Fluegelrad is closed on weekends. As the chef told me these opening hours help to make the staff happy. As long as the guests do not mind, why not.

There is also outdoor seating, which in fact is some sort of backyard, but never mind, it is – as already said – not a posh place.

Outdoor seating

Food concept

For lunch there are no options to choose from, only one menu. Salad, soup and main are served in bowls where you can help yourself, and this as much as you wish. For dessert there is a daily oven-fresh tray-baked fruit tart.

In the evening, there is a small menu offering hearty fare. There are also daily specials on offer.

The chef used to work in a well-known fine dining restaurant and knows his business. He only uses fresh ingredients and prepares them in a skillful manner. Having said that, the dishes offered at Fluegelrad are always simple albeit tasty. However, if you look for a fancy dining experience, then you are in the wrong place.

Main: Fried Fish with Mixed Salad

Sampled food

Our small group had following mains: fried fish with a mixed salad as well as saddle of lamb with herb butter, seasonal vegetables and country fries. As desserts we opted for daily tray-baked fruit tart, cheesecake and coffee ice cream. There were simple dishes, but perfectly executed and delicious.

Main: Saddle of Lamb with Herb Butter, Vegetables & Country Fries


The chef is a warm and amiable person, he usually passes by after the meal and has a short chat with his guests. The other staff is friendly, down-to-earth, but sometimes a bit rushed.

On the whole, Fluegelrad is your choice when looking for a well-made hearty meal in unpretentious surroundings.

Dessert: Daily Tray-baked Fruit Tart

Date of visit: June 2016

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