Review of Restaurant Glow, Davos/Switzerland


A doyen of high-end cuisine in the Grisons Alps

After several years of cooking at Hotel Seehof Armin Amrein, doyen of high-end cuisine in the area of Davos/Klosters in the Swiss Alps, opened his own restaurant – Glow – in a furniture shop one year ago. It is a small place with an even smaller kitchen, virtually a “shop in the shop” or more accurately a “spot in the shop”. As expected from such a


Review of Restaurant Einstein ("old"), Aarau/Switzerland


Hippest place in town under new management 

Restaurant Einstein had been a favorite of our family in Aarau, where recommended fine dining restaurants are not abundant, for the last decade. Unfortunately, the owner of the building gave over the management to a restaurant group in the area, which had been not known for upscale cuisine so far. Having said this, I will not exclude that this restaurant can hold its ground as culinary hot spot, but I have not yet visited the restaurant since its reopening in August 2016. Time will tell … Of course, we decided to have a farewell dinner before closing down. Please pay attention to the fact


A (premature) obituary for Restaurant Felsenburg, Olten/Switzerland

In paying tribute to my all-time favorite amongst local restaurants

Not long ago, I published my review of Felsenburg on this blog and now I have to announce that this legendary Italian restaurant in my home town closes its door. Although I knew that there were sales negotiations going on, this came as a shock to me. I have been going there regularly for almost 40 years and it never failed to make me enthusiastic.


Review of Restaurant Lungomare, Olten/Switzerland


Fantastic outdoor seating and great pizza but beware of desserts

On a warm summer evening my husband and I had dinner at the Restaurant Lungomare. We were seated on the really beautiful terrace overlooking the river of Aare and the old bridge leading to Olten’s old town. This was not our first visit to this Italian restaurant, but so far we had “only” salad and pizza. This time we ventured into new dishes on the extensive menu.


Review of Restaurant Silvio's Ampere, Rupperswil near Aarau/Switzerland


A cute little eatery on the water’s edge with refined cuisine

The small restaurant in Rupperswil near Aarau in the Swiss Mittelland is my discovery of the year when it comes to eateries in the vicinity of my domicile! In other reviews of restaurants in my surroundings I already mentioned that the town of Aarau is not a foodie’s heaven. Because of that I checked out the restaurants in Aarau’s neighborhood and came across Silvio’s Ampere. After visiting the place in early summer I went another two times and was always delighted by the refined cuisine!


Review of Thai Restaurant Joy, Rickenbach near Olten/Switzerland


Fairly good food in refined surroundings

After having tried out Thai Restaurant Chao-Wang in the area, I got another recommendation for a Thai place from a friend, this time in a village near Olten, Thai Restaurant Joy in Rickenbach. Normally, when our family is craving for Thai food, we choose an eatery in Olten, Goldener Lo(e)wen Lann Thai in Olten, which serves quality Thai food in the upper price range. But this time we decided to check out a place new to us.


Review of Restaurant Aarhof, Olten/Switzerland


Sound performance of cuisine and service in eighties styled decor

This restaurant on the river of Aare is known in town for a sound performance when it comes to traditional cuisine. I have to admit that I have not visited Aarhof for some time as I thought that the cooking is not modern enough for my liking. Having said this, my husband and I decided a few months ago to give it another try. And I have to say that I was quite impressed with the offered.