Review of Restaurant Aarhof, Olten/Switzerland


Sound performance of cuisine and service in eighties styled decor

This restaurant on the river of Aare is known in town for a sound performance when it comes to traditional cuisine. I have to admit that I have not visited Aarhof for some time as I thought that the cooking is not modern enough for my liking. Having said this, my husband and I decided a few months ago to give it another try. And I have to say that I was quite impressed with the offered.


To start with the aspect I disliked most and this is definitely the interior. Time stopped here somewhat in the eighties. At the time, the design must have been hip, today it is certainly outdated. A remodeling is more than due. Nevertheless, you feel comfortable at the Aarhof. In cases like this it is better to concentrate on the food and ignore the styling.

Starter: Asparagus Salad with Raw Ham and Freshly Baked Brioche

Food concept

The menu is quite extensive and varied. As a plus, there are numerous seasonal dishes on offer. On the negative side, there was a bit of everything – “less is sometimes more”. You can either chose from an a la carte menu or you can have two to four courses from a prix-fixed menu. As already mentioned, the majority of dishes are classics. They are often prepared traditionally, but sometimes also with a twist as I had yet to discover.

Starter: Tatar of Smoked Duck Breast with Mixed Salad

Sampled food

When we had dinner at Aarhof, there was asparagus season in Switzerland and so this vegetable was to find in many dishes. As starters we opted for an asparagus salad with raw ham and a freshly baked brioche as well as a tatar of smoked duck breast with mixed salad. Both dishes tasted well, the brioche and the tatar were highlights. Less convincing was that there were simply not enough asparagus on the plate. The mains – salmon with sorrel, sesame noodles and asparagus as well as swordfish with chanterelles, spinach and rosemary potatoes – were expertly prepared, of great quality and a feast for the palate. What I found really special, was a small detail: noodles with sesame. I have never tasted this combination, it was a treat! For desserts we opted for classics: creme brulee (Swiss version, not put under the grill!) and coffee ice cream with whipped cream. The former was really a tasty creation, I liked it!

Main: Salmon with Sorrel, Sesame Noodles & Asparagus


The owner of the restaurant was not present, but this did not affect the performance. The young service team was professional, friendly and present when needed. Pricewise could be stated that it was good value for money, but not exactly inexpensive. But this can also not be expected from such a restaurant.

Main: Swordfish with Chanterelles, Spinach & Rosemary Potatoes

On the whole, the level of cuisine and service pleasantly surprised us. We would have liked a smaller menu with a focus on the chef's strengths and a more up to date designed interior, but that's it. We will be back for sure!

Dessert: Creme Brulee Swiss Style

Date of visit: June 2016

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