Review of Restaurant Silvio's Ampere, Rupperswil near Aarau/Switzerland


A cute little eatery on the water’s edge with refined cuisine

The small restaurant in Rupperswil near Aarau in the Swiss Mittelland is my discovery of the year when it comes to eateries in the vicinity of my domicile! In other reviews of restaurants in my surroundings I already mentioned that the town of Aarau is not a foodie’s heaven. Because of that I checked out the restaurants in Aarau’s neighborhood and came across Silvio’s Ampere. After visiting the place in early summer I went another two times and was always delighted by the refined cuisine!


This restaurant is really small, there are only 18 seats. It is idyllically situated in the outskirts of the village between an ancient spinning mill and its related water channel. It is housed in a building that looks almost like a container from the outside, but its interior is tastefully decorated in a contemporary style. Actually the house is an ancient transformer station providing electricity for the neighborhood. I can imagine that it is quite noisy when it is full, but so far I have only been there on Sunday evenings (Open when most other restaurants are closed, another plus point!) when it was not especially busy.


When eating at Silvio’s Ampere you feel like being a guest in a private house. There are only a few tables and an open kitchen where the chef cooks before your eyes, nice!

There is also an outdoor restaurant and a lounge directly on the water channel. Sitting there on a warm evening is really a nice thing to do, although the sound of the water may be quite loud. Nature takes its toll, but certainly it is a blessing for stressed city dweller …

Outdoor seating

Food concept

The menu is small. There are four starters, from which two of them can also be ordered as main courses. When it comes to mains so far each time we have been to this restaurant, you could choose either lamb, fillet of beef or zander. And there is one dessert accompanied by a scoop of ice cream (three flavors at your disposal).

Starter: Water Buffalo Tatar, Freshly Baked Brioche, Goat Cheese Foam with Melon Confit

You can either choose one to three courses from the menu or you opt for four or five courses from the same menu for a fixed price. If you decide to do the latter, you can compose your dinner at your discretion.

Starter: Caprese Salad with Basil Ice Cream

Sampled dishes

The accompanying persons and I loved everything we tasted, with one small reservation. Last time we were there, the four of us had lamb as a main. While two had tender meat, the tow others (also myself) were not that satisfied with the meat’s tenderness. Having said that, all the rest was simply wonderful. So far I liked best the starters. They are not only unbelievably delicious, but also imaginative, well prepared and are served in portions big enough that taste can develop sufficiently. Once I had a water buffalo tatar, a freshly baked brioche and goat cheese foam with melon confit, what a treat! Another time I had a fantastic caprese salad with basil ice cream. After this salad I had one of the starters that can also be ordered as a main, vitello tonnato with seared tuna cubes, a feast for the eyes and the palate! The first time I visited this restaurant I had a perfect fillet of beef, incredibly tender and full of taste with a sublime red wine sauce. Also the desserts are worth a try. So far a raspberry foam in the glass together with a nectarine cake and sour cream ice cream was a highlight.

Starter/Main: Vitello Tonnato with Seared Tuna Cubes

Service/price level

A husband-and-wife chef pair runs Silvio’s Ampere. Whereas the chef cooks in front of his guests, his wife is responsible for the service. She is a warm & hospitable person without being obtrusive. Sometimes, also the chef comes to the table. Last time, he inquired whether we like porcini mushrooms. When we said yes, he added them to our main dish. He also welcomes the guests and says goodbye to them in person.

Main: Fillet of Beef with Red Wince Sauce, Spinach Spaetzle & Vegetables

Prices are adequate considering that fresh, high-quality products are used and portions are rather big. Four courses cost SFR 80, five courses SFR 90.

Dessert: Raspberry Foam, Nectarine Cake & Cream Cheese Ice Cream

My three visits over the past half-year to this cute little restaurant right on the water’s edge in the surroundings of Aarau – not spoiled with outstanding dining spots – were a special treat for my companions and me. The chef knows his business and the level of service is impeccable, a hidden gem of a place!


Date of visit: September 2016

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