A California road trip along the coast, second stop San Francisco II (restaurants)

8 great restaurants for foodies in the City by the Bay

In my last post about San Francisco I informed about 3 recommended hotels to stay when traveling in style and choosing a location away from the Union Square district for reasons explained there. Now, I want to advise on restaurants to go when visiting this city and putting emphasis on gourmet


A California road trip along the coast, second stop San Francisco (hotels)


Which location & hotel to choose when traveling in style in the City by the Bay

San Francisco is by no doubt one of the most scenic cities in the west if not the United States! It is big when it comes to its offerings – think of its hilly terrain, liberal views, diverse architecture styles, beautiful landmarks and of course its unique climate. It is also nick-named Fog City and I can confirm this from previous visits. I had read that is very


A California road trip along the coast, first stop Mendocino


Where to stay & eat and what to do on a trip in style

For our 8th (!) visit to the Golden State my husband and I decided to concentrate (once again) on the beautiful coastal area. This time we traveled from north to south. The starting point was Mendocino and the final destination was Laguna Beach south of Los Angeles in the Orange County. We included also a side trip to Palm Springs east of


Review of Hotel Chateau de Germigney, Port-Lesney in French Jura/France


Lovely property in a cute village in the region of Jura

In case you are looking for a hotel to enjoy a romantic weekend in the eastern part of France offering a wonderful setting, impeccable facilities, a great hospitality and outstanding food, do not look further. Chateau de Germigney in the French Jura, about a 2 hours’ drive from Geneva/Switzerland, is your choice! The area is beautiful


Restaurant Einstein, Aarau/Switzerland in outline

Development & some thoughts on dining concept

Aarau, the town nearest to my home town of Olten, does not have as many recommended fine restaurants as its counterpart in the canton of Solothurn. That is why my family had been so fond of Restaurant Einstein for many years. When it opened in 2005, we instantly fell in love with this cool, urban place. Not only because we liked the modern, well prepared cuisine but

Review of Restaurant Einstein (“new”), Aarau/Switzerland


Hippest dining spot in town with a unique food concept

Restaurant Einstein under the old management (see my review) had been the favorite dining spot of our family in Aarau for more than ten years. In August 2016, a new tenant took over, Thommen Gastronomie AG – a family-owned company running a couple of restaurants in the region of Olten and Aarau. I was skeptical about this development as


Review of Restaurant Noohn, Basle/Switzerland


Stylish Euro-Asian Restaurant with many choices

Since Restaurant Noohn was opened some 10 years ago, my family has dined a couple of times at this modern restaurant offering Asian fusion cuisine in good quality in an urban atmosphere. The place is huge with a combo of choices, either for just having a drink, for food to take away, for self-service or for regular service. Noohn is especially known for its sushi bar which probably offers some of the best sushi in Basle.


Review of Restaurant Schlosserei Genussfabrik, Olten/Switzerland

Location (photo credit rolling pin)

Mediterranean cuisine Asian-inspired in industrial chic place

Restaurant Schlosserei Genussfabrik (locksmith gourmet factory) is not called like this for nothing. The restaurant’s building had housed a locksmith for many years until it was converted in an eatery in 2012. Nicolas Castillo, a person who is well known in the regional culinary business (previously at Agua Aarburg & Bodega Olten), took over and established here a fine dining restaurant with Mediterranean


Suite of the moment: Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Ubud/Bali


A perfect blend of contemporary design and local architecture

I have seen my share of wonderful hotels, but Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, just outside of Bali’s cultural and spiritual center of Ubud, left me in awe at its sheer beauty! After stepping into the breathtaking open-walled common area,


Welcome back „Felsenburg“ – Good-bye Fabian Strutz as chef of „National” in Olten/Switzerland

Upscale Italian food back in town – Farewell from a talented chef

The culinary scene in Olten is moving, a change is going on in Restaurant „National“. Sergio Salsi from the former „Felsenburg“ is said to take over and Fabian Strutz is expected to take a leave as chef. While this is good news for the former and for the lover of his cuisine, it is a sad occasion for the latter and his fans. In the following, you find the course of events, – exceptionally – in German as this post is also published in a local citizen blog.


Review of Restaurant Haenggi’s, Davos/Switzerland


A safe bet when it comes to constantly good performance

For several years now I keep exploring Davos’ dining scene and after having dined several times at Haenggi’s, I can claim that you cannot go wrong here when looking for a tasty, well-prepared meal without frills. When you feel most comfortable having such a dinner in unpretentious surroundings, than this is the ideal place for you!

Review of Restaurant Gourmet Stuebli at Hotel Seehof, Davos/Switzerland


Paying tribute to the restaurant’s former chef Martin Bieri

Hotel Seehof informed in August 2017 about the reopening of Restaurant Gourmet Stuebli as of December 2017, and this under the aegis of a new chef de cuisine, Markus Schneider. Classic dishes, influenced by French cuisine, will be served at Seehof’s signature restaurant. End of April 2017, the restaurant


Suite of the Moment: COMO Metropolitan Hotel, Miami Beach


A splendid example of Art Deco luxury design in South Beach

The OceanView Suite at COMO Metropolitan Hotel in Miami Beach will start a series of suites resp. rooms having a lasting impression on me, be it resulting from the design, the style, the furnishing, the grandeur, the view, the location or – best case – from all together. The posts will be published in loose sequence – depending on the experiences I made and


Review of Mercer Hotel, Barcelona


One of several great luxury boutique hotels in Catalonia’s capital

The beautiful city of Barcelona is one of our family’s most popular city breaks in Europe. We like to stay at luxury boutique hotels and Catalonia’s capital has a lot to offer in this segment. Last time, we opted for Alma Barcelona, a minimal and modern hotel just off the city’s shopping district, Passeig de Gracia. Find my review of it here. This time, we chose another one, the Mercer Hotel, in the Gothic Quarter. This not because we were not satisfied with the Alma Barcelona but because we love to try out other places and wished a change of location, too. We wanted to be in one of


Review of Restaurant Tiefmatt, Holderbank near Olten


Mountain restaurant becomes to a foodies’ destination

At the beginning of this year, the reopening of mountain restaurant Tiefmatt as a part of the Thommen Gastronomie AG – a family-owned company that runs several restaurants in the region of Olten and Aarau – was announced as from March 2017. At the same time, a new concept was presented for this eatery. Instead of an a la carte menu there


Review of China-Restaurant zum Alpenroesli, Olten/Switzerland


Traditional restaurant becomes to Chinese restaurant with a twist

Restaurant Alpenroesli, an old-established restaurant in the center of Olten, reopened under new management and under the name of China-Restaurant zum Alpenroesli. Whereas Caribbean cuisine was served here before, it is now a restaurant offering Chinese-Asian cuisine. Apart from classic Chinese dishes other Asian creations are available,


COMO The Halkin Hotel & Texture Restaurant, two long-time favorites in London

A luxury boutique hotel & an urban modern restaurant

London is one of our family’s favorite cities to visit and we did this three times in the past eight years and every time we stayed at COMO The Halkin and had dinner at Texture restaurant, which is not exactly next door but not too far away. This is quite unusual for us because we like to try out new


Review of Restaurant The Ledbury, London


Outstanding culinary experience in Britain's capital

My husband and I together with our son and his finance had been looking for a high-end restaurant in London to celebrate a special occasion. The Ledbury had been on top of our list and luckily enough we got the last table on a Sunday evening at 19:30 a bit more than two months prior to the date in question. I think we were quite fortunate because


One day as a cruise passenger aboard Silver Galapagos

The most luxurious way to see the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Island, a unique archipelago just a two hours’ flight west of Ecuador’s mainland, is home to species found nowhere else in the world. Think for example of the Galapagos penguin, the flightless cormorant or the marine iguana. And the best about the Galapagos animals is their reaction to humans


Cruising the Galapagos Islands aboard the Silver Galapagos

Once in a lifetime adventures in the western Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Island, known for their unique wildlife and out of this world landscapes, had been on top of my travel bucket list for years. This year, a dream came true for my husband and I when we set out for a journey to this archipelago, located almost 1,000 km west of continental Ecuador, with its incredible endemic species and its fantastic volcanic landscapes.


Where to eat as fine food lover in Ecuador’s highlands

4 restaurants for foodies

After having outlined what to see and where to stay on a luxury trip in Ecuador’s highlands in my last posts, I now want to go into where to eat when traveling the area as a gourmet. The highlands have a lot to offer as to natural and cultural sights as well as quality lodging, but there are also good opportunities for dining, also for guests longing for culinary highlights.


Where to stay on a luxury trip in Ecuador’s highlands

6 hotels for demanding travelers

After having outlined a perfect Ecuador’s highlands itinerary in my last post, I now want to go into where to stay when visiting the area as a discerning traveler. The highlands have a lot to offer as to natural and cultural sights, but there are also good opportunities for lodging, also for guests seeking luxury.


A perfect Ecuador's highlands 9-day trip itinerary

Natural & cultural wonders in the Andean region

The Ecuadorian highlands were the vacation destination of my husband and I when being in South America for the first time some weeks ago. We wanted to tour the Galapagos Islands aboard Silver Galapagos – posts will follow later on –, but also visit Ecuador’s mainland. This is also the most visited region in


Where to stay and eat on a luxury trip in Hong Kong

2 of the best luxury hotels & 9 top restaurants

This time I will go into hotels for discerning travelers and restaurants for lovers of fine food in Hong Kong after having published two posts about things to do in this mesmerizing city (one for first-timers, the other for repeat visitors).


7 things to do in Hong Kong that not everybody does

Collision of two worlds

After having covered what a first-timer to Hong Kong must do in my last post, I now want to outline what a visitor may do when having a bit more time or being here for the second time. I have recently revisited this intriguing city for six days after a ten-day stay two years ago. Out of the abundance of activities I have selected such ones that are worthwhile doing when already


Review of Restaurant Alte Muehle, Olten/Switzerland


Traditional restaurant with innovative food concept

Alte Muehle, an old-established restaurant in Olten’s old town, reopened under new management at the beginning of this month. Whereas the furniture remains more or less unchanged (old wooden tables and chairs), the food concept is new and original. For dinner only, you get a list with ingredients from which you can cross out all the things


7 things to do in Hong Kong that everybody must do

Crossover of tradition & modernity

After having spent six days in Hong Kong just recently and ten days two years before I feel confident about what to see in this fascinating city as a first-timer but also as a repeat visitor. I have identified must-do attractions and such ones you should do when having more time. This first post will be about things ever visitor has to put on its agenda when being in Hong Kong


Review of Restaurant Arthaus, Davos/Switzerland


Eat & art in small restaurant with inventive cuisine

An artist, Diegodo Clavadetscher, and his wife run Restaurant arthaus together with the arthaus Hotel and this shows. There is artwork everywhere you look. Also the restaurant is under the motto of art, the menus are called small and big art and the dishes served are also works of art.


Review of Gasthaus Islen, Davos/Switzerland

Location (photo credit by restaurant)

Well-made rustic food in a beautiful Davos house

This restaurant in a beautiful Davos house a bit away from Davos’ center has been known as a popular excursion restaurant for many years. Only recently, a young couple took over and since then you get seriously good food, mostly local classics and some contemporary dishes, at Gasthaus Islen.


Where to eat in Davos in the Swiss Alps as a food lover

Location of Davos

10 restaurants from Michelin starred places to mountains huts

See my update here!
Davos in the Swiss Alps is the highest town in Europe and home of one of Switzerland’s largest ski resorts. It is also known as host to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and site of the Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament. Davos may not be the most beautiful place in the Swiss Alps, but it has a lot to offer for vacationers, in any case some highly


Review of Restaurant Lampart's, Haegendorf near Olten/Switzerland


Foodies' heaven at a beauty of a restaurant

Lampart’s near Olten is certainly one of the best fine dining spots between the cities of Zurich and Basle, and most probably also the most beautiful restaurant in this area, if not in Switzerland – at least Gault-Millau Guide said this and I think so too. The chef – he goes by the name of Lampart – is a genius at his profession, he was awarded with two stars


Review of Restaurant Storchen Bistro-Lounge, Schoenenwerd, between Olten & Aarau/Switzerland

Casual dining, high quality food & kind hosts

When looking for a casual restaurant in the region of Olten/Aarau that never disappoints, then Bistro-Lounge at Hotel Storchen in Schoenenwerd is a safe choice. French influenced food and classics are served here, it is always open and chances are good to get a table even at short notice. All this makes this dining-spot a longtime fave of my family.


Review of Restaurant Didi's Frieden, Zurich/Switzerland

Location (photo credit by restaurant)

Perfect blend of rustic and fine food in stylish spot in favorable location

Restaurants are plentiful in Zurich, according to TripAdvisor there are more than 1,500 in this gorgeous city, undeniably the most cosmopolitan one in Switzerland. My favorite eatery here is Restaurant Didi’s Frieden and this has been the case for almost 20 years now. No other place onsite I am aware of combines that many advantages. First, this dining spot offers


Review of Restaurant Casa Novo, Bern/Switzerland


Wonderfully located with modern Mediterranean food

Bern, capital of Switzerland, has not only a beautiful historic old town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site –, but also a great number of recommended fine dining spots. After having had a great dinner at Restaurant Mille Sens with Asian inspired cuisine, I made another amazing culinary discovery, this time Restaurant Casa Novo with modern Mediterranean influenced food.


Review of Restaurant Hotel Baeren, Suhr near Aarau/Switzerland

Location (photo credit by restaurant)

High quality, Asian influenced cuisine in Swiss Mittelland

Aarau in Swiss Mittelland is no food heaven – with a few exceptions, all can be found on my blog. Therefore, it may be advisable as food lover to look for a restaurant in the surroundings of this small town. One recommended place is Restaurant Hotel Baeren in Suhr with its 3 restaurants. You find everything there from a gourmet restaurant to a rustic


Review of Restaurant Netts Schuetzengarten, St. Gallen/Switzerland

Location (photo credit by restaurant)

Refined cuisine in hip brewery-style restaurant

The town of St. Gallen in the eastern part of Switzerland is known for its World Heritage-listed Abbey, but there are also restaurants for food lovers. One of them and certainly one of the best known in town is Restaurant NettsSchuetzengarten. There is not only one of the oldest breweries in Switzerland onsite, but also gourmet cuisine on offer.


Review of One&Only Royal Mirage Residence & SPA, Dubai


Absolute perfection in oasis of calm at Jumeirah Beach

Dubai is an ideal destination when looking for a place for beach vacation in combination with sightseeing. In addition, the flight time from Western Europe is not long (6 hours) and the time zone difference is a mere 3 hours. When looking for a fine luxury accommodation on the beach not too far away from the city center, then Hotel Royal Mirage is a favorable choice. After 2 stays there, my husband and I decided to return again to this fantastic hotel at the Jumeirah Beach. Although Dubai has undergone a huge transformation since our first visit in 2001, it is still one of our fave for a few days in the sun.


Review of Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury, Grand Baie/Mauritius


Paradise in the Indian Ocean

Mauritius is best known for its gorgeous beaches, where the sand is powder-white and the water sapphire-blue. This makes it together with an abundance of top luxury resorts an ideal destination for ultimate beach vacation. One of the best hotels on this idyllic island is probably the Royal Palm, which my husband and I chose to spend some lazy days in the sun. It was our 2nd stay at this hotel and our 4th one in Mauritius. 


Where to stay on a luxury trip on Borneo

5 first-class hotels in the Malaysian states of Sarawak & Sabah

The northern part of Borneo was the destination of a trip of two befriended families with an adult son each. What to do in the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah was the subject of my last post. In this post, you find the reviews of the hotels we stayed at during our tour from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu.


What to do on a 8-day vacation on Borneo

Touring the Malaysian states of Sarawak & Sabah

We – two families with an adult son each – had been looking for a destination in Southeast Asia for summertime. This undertaking had been complicated by the fact that the rainy season falls over the summer months. Finally, we settled for North Borneo as there is high season in July. In addition, we are nature lovers and wanted to spend some lazy days on the beach after exploring the sights. The Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah seemed to be the perfect choice for our needs.


Review of Raffles Hotel, Singapore


Oasis of old world elegance with top-notch service

The RafflesSingapore was the choice of our small group – consisting of two families, both with an adult son each – when visiting this stunning city for the first time. As lovers of colonial-style luxury hotels we had been very much looking forward to this stay and our expectations were fully met! Not only is this hotel a unique colonial property, but it is also impresses with a great old world charm and fantastic service.


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Review of Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich/Switzerland

Location (photo credit by hotel)

Splendid hotel with great restaurant in idyllic setting

My husband and I chose the Dolder Grand to celebrate a special anniversary although living merely about one hour drive away. But as we had reserved a table at their signature restaurant for the occasion, we wanted to enjoy the evening without rushing home in the middle of the night. When looking for a luxury hotel in Zurich, which is situated a bit


Personal experience report of one of the best hotels in the (Austrian) Alps

One day in the life of a hotel guest at Hotel Zuerserhof in Zuers-Lech/Austria

It is my tenth (!) stay at the splendid Hotel Zuerserhof in the Austrian Alps. Not only is it ideally located for skiing, but above all it also offers everything and more for the wellbeing of its guests. Every detail that might add to my satisfaction has been thought of.

I am here for skiing as most other guests. As of this year, the already impressive skiing area of Lech-Zuers-Warth has been enlarged. With the addition of St. Anton it is now the largest of the country and one of the largest five ones in the world.


Review of Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong


Unbeatable location, top facilities, flawless service

For our first visit to the absolutely stunning city of Hong Kong my husband and I chose the Four Seasons Hotel, a favorite hotel chain of us. We stayed ten days there and loved every moment spent at this wonderful place. We opted for a room that comes with access to the executive club, which is highly recommended. Service was spotless as we are accustomed to it when being in a Four Seasons Hotel.


Restaurant reviews region of Olten/Switzerland

13 restaurants reviewed so far

As mentioned here earlier on, I am in the process of reviewing restaurants in the region of Olten. Up to now, 13 reviews have been published on this blog. More will follow later on. There are still a lot of eateries in the region of Olten worthwhile going to. 

As to the 13 ones already reviewed, most of them are favorites of mine, but there are also some places amongst them that were new to me. Can you guess what restaurants are pictured here?


Review of Restaurant Zollhaus, Olten/Switzerland


Wow, what a gem!

After being closed for almost five years the long-established restaurant Zollhaus reopened in September 2016. A young couple – both experienced in the field of gastronomy – had bought the building and had renovated it gently. Although having worked at top restaurants, the new hosts do not want to convert Zollhaus in a high-end eatery, but offer traditional Swiss and European food. At the same time, also fancier


Review of Golfrestaurant Aarau-West, Oberentfelden near Aarau/Switzerland


Good enough food at reasonable prices in contemporary setting

I had twice the chance to eat at Golfrestaurant Aarau-West over the last six months, once in summer on the terrace, the other time in late fall at the restaurant. Classic Swiss cuisine, sometimes with a slightly modern touch, is served there. Golfrestaurant Aarau-West has been open to the public for


Review of Restaurant Bodega El Pato, Olten/Switzerland


Spanish food in a rustic ambiance

Bodega in the old town of Olten has tapas and a small choice of other Spanish food on offer. Although this eatery is not new in town, my husband and I had not managed to eat there until this year. A befriended couple had been raving about it for years and so the four of us decided to go there on a warm summer evening.


6 top restaurants south of Midtown in New York City

NYC as foodie heaven

When looking for fine dining restaurants in New York City, it is difficult to find your way through the abundance of dining spots. TripAdvisor lists more than 10,000 restaurants and even Michelin has nearly 900 eateries on its list! This fact makes it hard to decide which ones to choose.

As a gourmet who frequently travels to New York City, I am every time confronted with this question. For me a trip without culinary delights is a lost trip. Therefore, I invest considerable time and effort to find top restaurants. I do like contemporary cuisine and younger