Restaurant reviews region of Olten/Switzerland

13 restaurants reviewed so far

As mentioned here earlier on, I am in the process of reviewing restaurants in the region of Olten. Up to now, 13 reviews have been published on this blog. More will follow later on. There are still a lot of eateries in the region of Olten worthwhile going to. 

As to the 13 ones already reviewed, most of them are favorites of mine, but there are also some places amongst them that were new to me. Can you guess what restaurants are pictured here?

Here is the solution of the riddle! First, there are the restaurants located in the town of Olten itself. Click on the name of the place in the caption section to get the review of the eatery in question.

Top down: Zollhaus, Bodega el Pato, Lungomare, Aarhof, Fluegelrad

Top down: Chao-Wang Thai, National, Salmen, Felsenburg, Terminus

In the following, you find the reviewed restaurants in the surroundings of Olten. A click on the name of the restaurant brings you to the review in particular.

Top down: Thai Restaurant Joy, Bruecke, Karma

All my reviews are based on several visits to each restaurant with the exception of the following ones: Bodega El Pato, Chao-Wang Thai and Thai Restaurant Joy.

Are you interested to see what kind of food you get at this dining spots? Have a look at my photo gallery with dishes and other pics of the places reviewed.

Extract from photo gallery

These reviews of restaurants in the area shall be continued. Come back later to check out more of them.

Which eateries are your favorite ones in the region of Olten?

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