What to do on a 8-day vacation on Borneo

Touring the Malaysian states of Sarawak & Sabah

We – two families with an adult son each – had been looking for a destination in Southeast Asia for summertime. This undertaking had been complicated by the fact that the rainy season falls over the summer months. Finally, we settled for North Borneo as there is high season in July. In addition, we are nature lovers and wanted to spend some lazy days on the beach after exploring the sights. The Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah seemed to be the perfect choice for our needs.


Review of Raffles Hotel, Singapore


Oasis of old world elegance with top-notch service

The RafflesSingapore was the choice of our small group – consisting of two families, both with an adult son each – when visiting this stunning city for the first time. As lovers of colonial-style luxury hotels we had been very much looking forward to this stay and our expectations were fully met! Not only is this hotel a unique colonial property, but it is also impresses with a great old world charm and fantastic service.


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Review of Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich/Switzerland

Location (photo credit by hotel)

Splendid hotel with great restaurant in idyllic setting

My husband and I chose the Dolder Grand to celebrate a special anniversary although living merely about one hour drive away. But as we had reserved a table at their signature restaurant for the occasion, we wanted to enjoy the evening without rushing home in the middle of the night. When looking for a luxury hotel in Zurich, which is situated a bit


Personal experience report of one of the best hotels in the (Austrian) Alps

One day in the life of a hotel guest at Hotel Zuerserhof in Zuers-Lech/Austria

It is my tenth (!) stay at the splendid Hotel Zuerserhof in the Austrian Alps. Not only is it ideally located for skiing, but above all it also offers everything and more for the wellbeing of its guests. Every detail that might add to my satisfaction has been thought of.

I am here for skiing as most other guests. As of this year, the already impressive skiing area of Lech-Zuers-Warth has been enlarged. With the addition of St. Anton it is now the largest of the country and one of the largest five ones in the world.