Personal experience report of one of the best hotels in the (Austrian) Alps

One day in the life of a hotel guest at Hotel Zuerserhof in Zuers-Lech/Austria

It is my tenth (!) stay at the splendid Hotel Zuerserhof in the Austrian Alps. Not only is it ideally located for skiing, but above all it also offers everything and more for the wellbeing of its guests. Every detail that might add to my satisfaction has been thought of.

I am here for skiing as most other guests. As of this year, the already impressive skiing area of Lech-Zuers-Warth has been enlarged. With the addition of St. Anton it is now the largest of the country and one of the largest five ones in the world.

View from hotel room of village of Zuers at dusk

Good skiing conditions are not everything that counts for me. I want to do this sport as comfortable as possible and for this I am at the right place here by all means. I cannot think of another hotel where you get equally spoiled in the Austrian, but also in the Swiss Alps. The Zuerserhof - family-owned for three generations - offers hospitality and amenities that are second to none. For illustration, I will narrate my typical day at this resort.

Myself at the new mountain railway connecting Zuers with St. Anton

After a good night's rest in the spacious room with view of the village of Zuers I get up early - I am here for skiing and you have to be amongst the first ones on the slopes - and have a look around. The room decorated in an elegant-classic style feels comfortable and offers enough space for all the stuff you need for skiing.

Junior Suite with view of Zuers

It is still a bit dark outside, but you recognize already that this is going to be a lovely sunny day.

View from hotel room of Zuers at dawn

In the dining room, I have a look at the comprehensive breakfast buffet, but I restrain myself to muesli before going to the slopes because there is much more to follow in terms of culinary delights.

Breakfast buffet

In the luxuriously equipped ski room - looking almost like a spa - I take out my warmed ski shoes from my personal box and have a seat on the heated stone benches listening to soft music. In case I would have needed some ski services there is a ski shop onsite to my availability. If you want ski lessons, ski instructors can be asked to pick you up here to teach you in this field. After crossing a parking space, I put on my skis - ski out - and off I am.

Ski room with personal boxes and heated benches

After some hours on the slopes I get a bit hungry. Instead of going to a restaurant on the slopes I return to Zuerserhof because you are on full board here. I make a turn on the skis - ski in - and head to the splendid sun terrace to have lunch.

Sun terrace for lunch

After putting together a plate at the daily changing appetizer buffet

Appetizer buffet for lunch

I skip the soup - too much for me - and go directly to the main course where you can choose between a meat, fish or a vegetarian dish. Today, I have Wienerschnitzel and parsley potatoes.

Main: Wienerschnitzel with Parsley Potatoes

Then I go for Kaiserschmarren, a local speciality (cut up pieces of pancakes) with apple puree. Everything is well prepared and tasty.

Dessert: Kaiserschmarren with Apple Puree

After so much food, another sports activity to burn some calories is certainly not a bad idea! The choice is wide: more skiing, winter hiking, playing tennis at the hotel's indoor tennis court, going to the gym or attending a group fitness lesson. I opt for some workout at the gym. Back in the room I have one of the friandises on the coffee table - refilled every day -

Friandises on the room - refilled daily

before meeting with family and friends in the cosy hotel foyer for tea or beer.

Tea at the hotel foyer

It is such a nice thing to sit by the window and to watch the alpine panorama at dusk listening to the fabulous piano player.

Alpine panorama at dusk
Before dinner, you may spend some time either in you spotlessly kept room or in the terrific spa. As to the latter, there are 3,200 sqm for wellness and getting pampered.


Today, I decide to go to the jacuzzi to relax a bit and to use the Kneipp roundabout afterwards.

Kneipp roundabout at the spa

Then faster than you think it is time for dinner, one of the many highlights of a stay at Zuerserhof and also an opportunity to dress up a bit. I am a foodie and culinary delights are important to me also when being on vacation. When it comes to this, Zuerserhof stands for high epicurean quality throughout the day, but at dinnertime the kitchen crew performs at its best. There is a 5-course menu consisting of exquisite dishes prepared with first-quality products, a feast for both eyes and palate. One of the courses should be mentioned especially, the cheese buffet with 200 different varieties, which is something not to be missed.

Cheese buffet with 200 different varieties

At certain days, there are special themes such as a traditional Austrian buffet or a dessert buffet.

Dessert buffet

Today, a scallop-avocado variation, beef rib eye and a composition of nougat, mandarin and salty caramel are featured, fantastic! All these tasty delicacies are served by throngs of cordial and motivated employees.

Starter: Scallop-Avocado Variation

Main: Beef Rib Eye

Dessert: Composition of Nougat, Mandarin & Salty Caramel

Another visit to the hotel foyer for a night cup


makes the day perfect, well looked after by the efficient and hospitable staff and accompanied by the sound of the piano player once again.

Date of stay: January 2017

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