7 things to do in Hong Kong that everybody must do

Crossover of tradition & modernity

After having spent six days in Hong Kong just recently and ten days two years before I feel confident about what to see in this fascinating city as a first-timer but also as a repeat visitor. I have identified must-do attractions and such ones you should do when having more time. This first post will be about things ever visitor has to put on its agenda when being in Hong Kong


Review of Restaurant Arthaus, Davos/Switzerland


Eat & art in small restaurant with inventive cuisine

An artist, Diegodo Clavadetscher, and his wife run Restaurant arthaus together with the arthaus Hotel and this shows. There is artwork everywhere you look. Also the restaurant is under the motto of art, the menus are called small and big art and the dishes served are also works of art.


Review of Gasthaus Islen, Davos/Switzerland

Location (photo credit by restaurant)

Well-made rustic food in a beautiful Davos house

This restaurant in a beautiful Davos house a bit away from Davos’ center has been known as a popular excursion restaurant for many years. Only recently, a young couple took over and since then you get seriously good food, mostly local classics and some contemporary dishes, at Gasthaus Islen.


Where to eat in Davos in the Swiss Alps as a food lover

Location of Davos

10 restaurants from Michelin starred places to mountains huts

See my update here!
Davos in the Swiss Alps is the highest town in Europe and home of one of Switzerland’s largest ski resorts. It is also known as host to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and site of the Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament. Davos may not be the most beautiful place in the Swiss Alps, but it has a lot to offer for vacationers, in any case some highly


Review of Restaurant Lampart's, Haegendorf near Olten/Switzerland


Foodies' heaven at a beauty of a restaurant

Lampart’s near Olten is certainly one of the best fine dining spots between the cities of Zurich and Basle, and most probably also the most beautiful restaurant in this area, if not in Switzerland – at least Gault-Millau Guide said this and I think so too. The chef – he goes by the name of Lampart – is a genius at his profession, he was awarded with two stars


Review of Restaurant Storchen Bistro-Lounge, Schoenenwerd, between Olten & Aarau/Switzerland

Casual dining, high quality food & kind hosts

When looking for a casual restaurant in the region of Olten/Aarau that never disappoints, then Bistro-Lounge at Hotel Storchen in Schoenenwerd is a safe choice. French influenced food and classics are served here, it is always open and chances are good to get a table even at short notice. All this makes this dining-spot a longtime fave of my family.