Restaurant Einstein, Aarau/Switzerland in outline

Development & some thoughts on dining concept

Aarau, the town nearest to my home town of Olten, does not have as many recommended fine restaurants as its counterpart in the canton of Solothurn. That is why my family had been so fond of Restaurant Einstein for many years. When it opened in 2005, we instantly fell in love with this cool, urban place. Not only because we liked the modern, well prepared cuisine but

Review of Restaurant Einstein (“new”), Aarau/Switzerland


Hippest dining spot in town with a unique food concept

Restaurant Einstein under the old management (see my review) had been the favorite dining spot of our family in Aarau for more than ten years. In August 2016, a new tenant took over, Thommen Gastronomie AG – a family-owned company running a couple of restaurants in the region of Olten and Aarau. I was skeptical about this development as


Review of Restaurant Noohn, Basle/Switzerland


Stylish Euro-Asian Restaurant with many choices

Since Restaurant Noohn was opened some 10 years ago, my family has dined a couple of times at this modern restaurant offering Asian fusion cuisine in good quality in an urban atmosphere. The place is huge with a combo of choices, either for just having a drink, for food to take away, for self-service or for regular service. Noohn is especially known for its sushi bar which probably offers some of the best sushi in Basle.


Review of Restaurant Schlosserei Genussfabrik, Olten/Switzerland

Location (photo credit rolling pin)

Mediterranean cuisine Asian-inspired in industrial chic place

Restaurant Schlosserei Genussfabrik (locksmith gourmet factory) is not called like this for nothing. The restaurant’s building had housed a locksmith for many years until it was converted in an eatery in 2012. Nicolas Castillo, a person who is well known in the regional culinary business (previously at Agua Aarburg & Bodega Olten), took over and established here a fine dining restaurant with Mediterranean