Review of Restaurant Kettenbruecke in Aarau/Switzerland


A new culinary star is born in the town next to Olten

Aarau, Olten’s neighboring town, has picked up recently when it comes to award-winning restaurants. A few years ago, Olten, my home town, was the leader when it came to such restaurants. This year, Aarau took over the leading position. Restaurant Kettenbruecke at the hotel of the same name contributed significantly to this development. After having opened in spring 2016 it was awarded 13 Points Gault-Millau – the most popular restaurant guide in Switzerland – in this year’s edition.


Review of Restaurant Einstein (“new again”), Aarau/Switzerland


Hippest dining spot in town under management No. 3

A year ago, I last wrote about one of my favorite restaurants in Aarau, the next bigger town to Olten – where I live –, Restaurant Einstein. On this occasion I informed about a new, rather daring food concept that was introduced here by management No. 2 and expressed doubt about its chance of success (see here all my corresponding posts). Unfortunately, my concerns were justified. The restaurant’s concept failed and the management threw the towel.


Review of Restaurant Salzhaus, Solothurn/Switzerland


Trendy dining-spot with contemporary Asian inspired food

When eating out in my home region, Northwestern Switzerland, and venturing a bit further from my home town of Olten, Solothurn, the canton's capital is a good choice. It is not only one of the most beautiful baroque towns in Switzerland but also has a lot to offer for foodies, too. A great option here is Restaurant Salzhaus, a place where my


Review of Restaurant Hirschen, Erlinsbach near Aarau/Switzerland


A long & successful history of hospitality in a idyllic country inn

Here is my review of Restaurant Hirschen, a restaurant in my home region of Olten/Aarau in northwestern Switzerland that has to be mentioned when speaking about fine dining spots with seriously good food in the area. As chance has it, this restaurant is exactly the one where I had my first upscale culinary experiences as a child. In the recent past, I went here mainly for family gatherings; a mistake, as it proved on the last occasion. It was so good, I


Review of Restaurant Kreis 6, Zurich/Switzerland


Charming neighborhood spot for Mediterranean & Swiss comfort food

If you are in for a neighborhood favorite in one of Zurich’s finest (residential) districts offering Mediterranean dishes and Swiss classics with a modern touch, then you cannot go wrong with Restaurant Kreis 6, named after the district it is situated. This gem of a restaurant has been around for quite a long time all the while attracting locals and other clientele as well.


Review of Brasserie Baerengraben, Bern/Switzerland


French brasserie cuisine & savoir-vivre in the capital’s old town

The capital of Switzerland, Bern, has not only a picturesque old town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site –, but also a varied restaurant scene. There is also a recommended place for lovers of French brasserie cuisine, Brasserie Baerengraben, which is located just opposite one of the most popular tourist locations in town, the Baerengraben, a bear


Review of Restaurant Orsini, Zurich/Switzerland


Old school Italian dining in prime location

If you are into traditional upscale Italian restaurants, then this is the place for you! Normally, I prefer to go to more contemporary restaurants, but my husband and I have family members that are regulars here. So we had the chance to have dinner at Orsini twice in the recent past, which was a good experience as they know how to prepare excellent


Review of Restaurant/Hotel Ermitage des Ravet, Vufflens-le-Château/Switzerland


A gourmet weekend in Switzerland's French speaking part

After two visits to the beautiful country estate of Ermitage des Ravet in the western part of Switzerland my husband and I decided to spend another weekend here, this time together with friends. We keep returning to this jewel of a country inn because we are impressed how this gourmet temple is run. A well-practiced family business is here at


Review of Restaurant Mesa, Zurich/Switzerland


Foodies’ delights in one of the top gourmet restaurants in town

Restaurant Mesa is not an unknown place for fine food lovers in Zurich. It has been one of the two highest rated restaurants in the late 2000s/early 2010s when top chef Marcus Lindner was responsible for the kitchen. Since then, Mesa has been through turbulent times. There have been several chef changes in the past years, but now the situation


2 top luxury design hotels in New York City

Modern British boutique hotel group Firmdale Hotels

New York City is full of hotels catering to all tastes and needs, but I am sure both properties of the British Firmdale HotelsCrosby Street Hotel and The Whitby Hotel stand out from the competition. Why is that? The answer is luxury boutique hotel meets design and art. Whereas the former


Four top restaurants in NYC with fusion cuisine

Where to dine as a fine food lover in Midtown

My recent trip to NYC together with my husband brought us not only to the world’s No. 1 chef of 2017, Daniel Humm at Eleven Madison Park (see my blogpost), but also to other recommended restaurants for lovers of fine food. As chance would have it – or maybe our preference for it –, all of them are


Dining at the World’s Best Restaurant of 2017, Eleven Madison Park in New York City

Dining Room Tasting Menu Summer 2018 in Daniel Humm's restaurant

As soon as the word spread of a highly talented Swiss chef working in New York City, I wanted to dine at his restaurant. That was back in the late 2000’s. I learned at the time that this chef – Daniel Humm is his name – worked at the Eleven Madison Park, a restaurant I had visited in 2005. Unfortunately, this was one year before my compatriot started working here.


A guide to visiting the Amalfi Coast as a first-timer


worthwhile day trips from Positano/Italy

The Amalfi Coast, a 40 kilometers (25 miles) stretch of coastline between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno in Italy’s south, is definitely one of the most picturesque seaside landscapes I have visited so far. Not without reason, it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site as it is considered “an area of great physical beauty and natural diversity”.


Where to eat as a fine food lover in Positano/Italy


Culinary delights in the most picturesque town on the Amalfi Coast

Positano was my husband’s and my choice of base during our Amalfi Coast six-day vacation. Apart from enjoying a great time at our amazing boutique hotel (Hotel Villa Magia, see my recent blogpost) we explored the fantastic surroundings (a blogpost about recommended day trips will follow soon) and as passionate fine food lovers also checked out the local culinary scene.


Review of Hotel Villa Magia, Positano/Italy


Magical place in the most beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast

I finally got to the Amalfi Coast, this amazing coastline south of Naples, a place that had been at the top of my travel bucket list for many years. Italy is one of my favorite countries to visit in terms of natural and man-made wonders but unfortunately its more popular destinations usually do


Hotel Eden Roc, one of three top luxury hotels in Ascona/Switzerland


In style in near-Mediterranean Ticino/hotel review Eden Roc

While Ascona in the sunniest part of Switzerland, the most southern canton of Ticino is small as to population (about 5,500), it is big when it comes to the number of luxury hotels. There are three of them – there were even four for a long time –, and all of them top the most important national hotel rankings. This year, my family


Buergenstock Resort, a staycation in Switzerland’s most prestigious resort


The latest masterstroke of the Swiss hotel industry

The most talked about hotel (re-)opening in Switzerland of last year – and still holding a strong appeal – is by no doubt the one of Buergenstock Resort, 500 meters (1,640 feet) above Lake Lucerne. And it is the largest hotel renovation project in my home country to date, too (550 million Dollars). This was reason enough for us – I went with my husband


What to do and where to stay & dine in style in Mumbai/India

The coastal city, known for its great architecture

After staying in Delhi using it as springboard for traveling Rajasthan (itinerary/stay&dine), the land of the great kings, my husband and I ended our Indian trip in Mumbai, the same place where we first stepped foot on Indian land when visiting the country more than two decades ago. At the time, we could only


What to do and where to stay & dine in style in Delhi/India

The city with the two faces as gateway to Rajasthan

When traveling Rajasthan, the land of the great kings, India’s capital, Delhi, is the perfect springboard for this trip. My husband and I decided that we wanted to get to know this mega metropolis before exploring India’s largest state –


Rajasthan/North India, stay & dine in style

Agra - Jaipur - Shahpura - Udaipur - Jodhpur

After having gone into an 9-day itinerary how to travel the beautiful Indian state of Rajasthan in my last blogpost, I would like to point out where to stay and dine in style when being on the road in the land of the kings with its stunning palaces and forts. While I always appreciate the finer things in life, I


Rajasthan/North India, a perfect 9-day itinerary

Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Shahpura - Udaipur - Jodhpur

After two visits to South India more than one resp. two decades ago, my husband and I wanted to complete our picture of India by traveling the north of India as well. We had heard that this part is totally different from the south and this proved true! We decided to explore Rajasthan, the land of the maharajas. What


Review of Restaurant Tao’s, Zurich/Switzerland


Upmarket Euro-Asian cuisine at a stylish place in the middle of the city

After reviewing a restaurant for meat lovers in the heart of Zurich here a recommendation for a well-established, upscale Euro-Asian dining spot, Tao’s Restaurant, at least as favorably situated as the just mentioned place and with the additional bonus of the most beautiful outside seating in the first district (Kreis 1).

Review of Restaurant Baerengasse, Zurich/Switzerland


The place to savor top quality meat in a stylish brasserie ambiance

When being in Zurich as a meat lover, a good place to go is Restaurant Baerengasse. If you are a fan of well-made
electronic music, all the better. One of the dining spot’s owner is the musician Dieter Meier, member of the Swiss


Review of Restaurant Chez Donati, Basel/Switzerland


An institution of old school fine Italian dining since 1950

After several visits to Chez Donati in the 1990s my husband and I dined here yet again and imagine, nothing has changed in the meantime! The place is an institution in Basel, for more than 65 years it has been serving traditional Italian cuisine in a high-end setting. After having been under the management of the best hotel in town, Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, for some years, there will be a change in 2020. As from then, the Bindella restaurant group from Zurich will take over. Time will tell what consequences this will have for Chez Donati.


Review of Restaurant Einstein Gourmet, St. Gallen/Switzerland


Fabulous meal in one of the best dining-spots in east Switzerland

St. Gallen in the northeastern part of Switzerland may not be one of the first towns that crosses your mind when it comes to well-known places in my beautiful home country. Nevertheless, it features some sights worthwhile visiting – above all the UNESCO World Heritage listed Abbey of St. Gallen. But there are also exceptional places for lovers of


Review of Restaurant zum Schuetzen, Aarau/Switzerland


Popular, longstanding place offering Swiss classics

My recent review about a restaurant in my home region was about a country inn, now I am assessing an inn in a more urban area, Restaurant Zum Schuetzen in Aarau. In contrast to its surroundings however, this is for me an establishment that I consider as typically rural. There is traditional Swiss food on offer, the restaurant is conventionally refurbished, and it is a popular place for family gatherings – by the way

Review of Restaurant Bad Eptingen, Eptingen/Switzerland


Classic-elegant country inn with regional & Mediterranean food

I thought I knew all the places in my home region of Olten for lovers of fine dining, but I was wrong. There is one that I only discovered a few months ago, Restaurant Bad Eptingen. The reason for my ignoring this dining-spot is probably because of its location, which is a bit unsual. The point is that you


Review of Restaurant Differente, Zurich/Switzerland


Fine dining in rustic ambiance offering value for money

Zurich, one of Switzerland’s few cosmopolitan cities has a huge selection of dining-spots for every taste and you can almost always be certain of one thing: it surely costs you a fortune! One of the places that does not fit the pattern is Restaurant Differente at Hotel Krone Unterstrass. Here you


Review of Restaurant Mediterrane Leckereien, Solothurn/Switzerland


Mediterranean delicacies in the tiniest eatery in town

When eating out in my home region my husband and I opt in most cases for places around Olten (my home town) or Aarau (the nearest town), but sometimes we venture a bit further. This time, we went to Solothurn, a place that is always worth a visit as it is considered the most beautiful baroque town in Switzerland. But there are more reasons to


A California trip along the coast, fifth (and last) stop San Diego

Where to stay & eat and what to do when traveling in style

On our trip along the Californian coast from north to south my husband and I reached the last station after starting in Mendocino via San Francisco (hotels, restaurants, activities), a stop in Cambria and several ones in Greater Los Angeles. San Diego, the state’s second largest city and the so-called

A California trip along the coast, forth stop Greater Los Angeles

Where to stay & eat and what to do when traveling in style

Los Angeles is a place that is hard to grasp for a traveler. It is a virtual impossibility to leave this juggernaut of a city in no doubt that one has seen it! After 8 (!) visits to this city, beginning in the late 1980s, I did an attempt to list my personal Los Angeles highlights accumulated over the last years. I firmly believe that


Review of Restaurant Storchen la cuisine, Schoenenwerd, between Olten & Aarau/Switzerland


French cuisine with a twist – a retro approach

Restaurant la cuisine is the place at Hotel Storchen in the Swiss Mittelland where upscale French food, modernly inspired, is on offer. In the following, I will go into the re-design of this dining-spot which involves a retro approach in terms of furnishing and food: some nostalgic dishes are completed in front of the diners on a historic kitchen pass stemming from a renowned five-star hotel. In such a way, having a meal becomes a special experience. Together with an immaculate service and with good value for money, this restaurant – awarded 14 points by Gault-Millau – is one of the better places in the area to go as fine food lover.


Skiing in style in Zermatt/Switzerland


Ski-in/ski-out in one of the best & biggest ski resorts worldwide

The annual ski vacation has been an important marker in my family as long as I can think of. When I was a child, we used to go into the mountains to spend a week skiing every year. This tradition was continued after being married and having a family of my own. Whereas in earlier days we always chose a Swiss ski resort for this purpose, we headed to the Austrian Alps instead the last decade or so because of some not so good experiences made in Switzerland. This year, we decided to give the Swiss Alps a try after all. After spending ten years in the same mountain hotel in Austria – see here


A California trip along the coast, third stop Cambria


Where to stay & eat and what to do when traveling in style

On our trip along the Californian Coast from north to south my husband and I left northern California (Mendocino, San Francisco hotels/restaurants/activities) behind us and reached Cambria, a picturesque village in Central California, situated midway between San Francisco & Los Angeles along California State Route 1 (Highway 1).


A California road trip along the coast, second stop San Francisco III (activities)

How to walk & explore the City by the Bay in 4 days

After giving tips where to stay and where to eat as travelers in San Francisco appreciating the finer things in life, there is no way around mentioning some worthwhile things to do. I am sure that you are able to name at least a few of the well-known landmarks of the city but it does not harm to recall some of


Review of Restaurant National da Sergio, Olten/Switzerland


My long-time favorite amongst local restaurants is back

I had been a regular at Restaurant Felsenburg in Olten for almost 40 years. This long-time local favorite featuring an upscale Italian-French cuisine never ceased to amaze me with its delicious dishes – see my review and my obituary – and I was very sad when this establishment closed down end of February 2017. Then came the news in September that the popular dining-spot would be reopened in a new