Review of Restaurant Einstein Gourmet, St. Gallen/Switzerland


Fabulous meal in one of the best dining-spots in east Switzerland

St. Gallen in the northeastern part of Switzerland may not be one of the first towns that crosses your mind when it comes to well-known places in my beautiful home country. Nevertheless, it features some sights worthwhile visiting – above all the UNESCO World Heritage listed Abbey of St. Gallen. But there are also exceptional places for lovers of


Review of Restaurant zum Schuetzen, Aarau/Switzerland


Popular, longstanding place offering Swiss classics

My recent review about a restaurant in my home region was about a country inn, now I am assessing an inn in a more urban area, Restaurant Zum Schuetzen in Aarau. In contrast to its surroundings however, this is for me an establishment that I consider as typically rural. There is traditional Swiss food on offer, the restaurant is conventionally refurbished, and it is a popular place for family gatherings – by the way

Review of Restaurant Bad Eptingen, Eptingen/Switzerland


Classic-elegant country inn with regional & Mediterranean food

I thought I knew all the places in my home region of Olten for lovers of fine dining, but I was wrong. There is one that I only discovered a few months ago, Restaurant Bad Eptingen. The reason for my ignoring this dining-spot is probably because of its location, which is a bit unsual. The point is that you


Review of Restaurant Differente, Zurich/Switzerland


Fine dining in rustic ambiance offering value for money

Zurich, one of Switzerland’s few cosmopolitan cities has a huge selection of dining-spots for every taste and you can almost always be certain of one thing: it surely costs you a fortune! One of the places that does not fit the pattern is Restaurant Differente at Hotel Krone Unterstrass. Here you


Review of Restaurant Mediterrane Leckereien, Solothurn/Switzerland


Mediterranean delicacies in the tiniest eatery in town

When eating out in my home region my husband and I opt in most cases for places around Olten (my home town) or Aarau (the nearest town), but sometimes we venture a bit further. This time, we went to Solothurn, a place that is always worth a visit as it is considered the most beautiful baroque town in Switzerland. But there are more reasons to


A California trip along the coast, fifth (and last) stop San Diego

Where to stay & eat and what to do when traveling in style

On our trip along the Californian coast from north to south my husband and I reached the last station after starting in Mendocino via San Francisco (hotels, restaurants, activities), a stop in Cambria and several ones in Greater Los Angeles. San Diego, the state’s second largest city and the so-called

A California trip along the coast, forth stop Greater Los Angeles

Where to stay & eat and what to do when traveling in style

Los Angeles is a place that is hard to grasp for a traveler. It is a virtual impossibility to leave this juggernaut of a city in no doubt that one has seen it! After 8 (!) visits to this city, beginning in the late 1980s, I did an attempt to list my personal Los Angeles highlights accumulated over the last years. I firmly believe that