Review of Restaurant Bad Eptingen, Eptingen/Switzerland


Classic-elegant country inn with regional & Mediterranean food

I thought I knew all the places in my home region of Olten for lovers of fine dining, but I was wrong. There is one that I only discovered a few months ago, Restaurant Bad Eptingen. The reason for my ignoring this dining-spot is probably because of its location, which is a bit unsual. The point is that you
have to drive through the 3 kilometer-long (2 mile-long) Belchen Tunnel to reach this restaurant from Olten.


The restaurant lies in the catchment area of two towns, the one of Olten as already mentioned, and the larger (and more important) of Basle. It is favorably located in a rural area only a minute away from a motorway exit.


Bad Eptingen dates back in the 17th century and is your typical country inn, albeit more than a simple local eatery. The interiors are furnished in an elegant-classical style. The dining space is quite large; there are different rooms, also for events. When I dined here, I was in the “Gourmetstuebli “(foodies’ room). It is more stylish and quieter than the “Buurestube” (the farmers’ room). In summer, you may have your meal also on the terrace.

Food Concept

The chef – Emmanuel Friedmann – has been in charge for twelve years and knows how to prepare tasty, nicely arranged food. On the varied menu you find regional and Mediterranean dishes, hearty and refined food likewise. Fresh, top quality ingredients are used, and everything is home made. There are also seasonal specialties on offer, from January to March the fish and crustaceans festival takes place and in fall you get game dishes.

Sampled food

We dined at Bad Eptingen during the hunting season and therefore we opted for game dishes. One of our party went for deer saltimbocca with black elderberry jus accompanied by creamed savoy cabbage,
another for escalope of venison with a cognac-game-cream sauce, sauted apple, Brussel sprouts and red cabbage.
Outstanding starters were the Lobster Bisque,
according to my husband, the best he has ever had, and tuna sashimi with its garnishes.
Also the desserts were worth a sin: a fabulous coffee ice cream
and a maple-pecan nut mousse with caramelized pear and Williams brandy parfait.


Our party of four was warmly welcomed, also the owner passed by to say hello. The service was impeccable although the place was packed. We encountered a staff who was gracious, attentive and solicitous. Also the pace of the meal was just right, neither rushed nor slow.


The level of quality of food experienced at Bad Eptingen does not come inexpensive. But there is nothing wrong with the prices. They are also competitive compared to other restaurants in the area. Just do not go there and expect it to be a bargain …


Bad Eptingen, ideally located half way between Olten and Basle and therefore easily reachable from both places, is a country inn offering well-made traditional cuisine with a twist. Until recently, this restaurant was not under my radar. I am not aware of the reasons for this because this dining-spot is far from being an insider’s tip anymore. If you like regional and Mediterranean food, this is the place to go, you find here the best of both worlds.

·      Costs: starters from 7.50 to 24.50 SFR, mains (with fish or meat) from 34.50 to 68 SFR, desserts from 9.50 to 22 SFR, 4/5/6-course tasting menu 88/105/120 SFR
·      Cuisine: fine dining, regional & Mediterranean cuisine, seasonal seafood & game specialties
·      Note: always open
·      Address: L√§ufelfingerstrasse 2, 4458 Eptingen, Tel. +41 62 285 20 10, E-Mail info@badeptingen.ch

Date of visit: October 2017

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