Southeast Australia & New Zealand in style – A detailed itinerary

2 Google Maps: all hotels, restaurants, cafes & activities

In my first post about an epic trip that my husband and I made in Southeast Australia and New Zealand at the end of 2018 I informed on our itinerary (Adelaide to Sydney in 15 days and New Zealand North and South Island in 15 days) and on our travel style (road-trip, first-class hotels offering value for money, foodie experiences and moderate active travel). This was followed by eight more posts (Australia/New Zealand) detailing on journey highlights. And now I have a comprehensive itinerary ready complete with all the hotels, restaurants, cafes and activities of our journey, and this accompanied by pictures and short descriptions!

After spending countless weeks carefully curating our itinerary before our trip and accurately covering the aftermath of our journey, I am able to produce two Google Maps, one for Australia and one for New Zealand, see here the ones where only the stops are marked.

The maps that I have just finished contain all the details of our trip: every hotel we stayed
and each restaurant we dined
with descriptions of how it was and with pictures to illustrate, all the cafes we visited en route for small bites
with photos and comments as well as each and every activity we did
with important notes. As to the latter, included are ten labeled pictures of must-dos in big cities (city tours),
all the important sights of the journey
with some specifications and pictures as well as some short walks
complemented with directions and visual impressions.

Here are my Google Maps how they look (just screenshots, without the labels, the descriptions and the pictures).

As producing these maps involved a lot of work, I decided not to publish them on my website but to give them away against payment of an amount to your discretion. Acquiring a map allows you to make the journey in question without further travel planning.

For more information on how we traveled, have a look at our journey outline and at my posts about trip highlights. This allows you to judge whether our travel style suits your needs. In short, my husband and I like to travel in style, we value a luxury hotel, a great meal, a good bottle of wine, but we are not ready to pay excessive prices. On our trips we favor activities that capture the spirit of a place. If it fits, then we love to explore an area by foot. As to Oceania, we had quite a rushed schedule as we wanted to see as much as possible and we did this by traveling in a rental car.

If you have a similar travel style, you might be interested in getting my detailed Google Maps via PayPal. To do this, please click on the respective link leading to my homepage, where you find the donation button in the sidebar (just below my photo), for a payment of your choice. Upon settling, you will be taken to the maps on the spot (stored in Google Drive).

For questions you might have on this matter please get in touch with me via my contact page (see link at the bottom of my blog).

Happy traveling to you all!

Date of visit: November 2018

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  1. Terrific maps. They were extremly helpful to prepare a fantastic trip. Thank you!

  2. You are very welcome! I am glad they were helpful!