(Super) short trip to Milan & staying at Park Hyatt


The most perfectly located 5 star hotel in Italy’s second largest city

After my recent visit to Turin (see here my posts), I got the chance to get to know another city in north Italy, Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. I was asked to accompany a friend who was invited to visit a jewelry manufactory, which booked us into the Park Hyatt with its best location among all 5 star hotels in town. Although I had not ample chance for explorations, I caught some glimpses of this city, considered by many Italy’s up-and-coming city, not only as to fashion but in other sectors, too.


My Google Map of how to travel in style between Porto & Lisbon in 7 days


What to do and where to stay & dine in Portugal’s core as demanding traveler

After having been to Portugal’s capital Lisbon three times (see my post) and having done a round trip in the country’s south quite a few years ago, my husband and I thought it was high time to go to the area between Porto and Lisbon as well. Above all, we were keen on visiting Portugal’s second largest city of Porto and the adjoining Douro Valley yet wanted to check out the area north of Lisbon just as the coastal town of Cascais or Sintra’s famed historic monuments.