Review of Restaurant Zur Gedult, Burgdorf near Bern/Switzerland


Refined fine dining in a historic restaurant in the Emmental region

Yet again my husband and I went on tour to explore the best fine dining spots in my home region, the triangle of Basel, Bern and Zurich in Switzerland. This time, we ended up in Burgdorf, a medival town in the Emmental region – where the original Emmental cheese comes from –, not far from Bern. Here, a talented young chef is at work, and these in the historic restaurant of Zur Gedult, where he celebrates a sophisticated cuisine.


Restaurant Stadtbad, Olten/Switzerland with tapas pop-up


Chef Ranchal Expósito in action until summer 2020

Since this May the culinary scene in my home town of Olten in the Swiss Mittelland between Zurich, Basel and Bern has grown by a refined tapas pop-up restaurant called Expósito’s House. The chef, Ranchal Expósito, is known as having helmed one of the fine dining establishments in town. He is now in charge at Restaurant Stadtbad, the oldest tavern in Olten, and this – how it appears – until next summer.