My Google Map of a Japanese journey in style (Part 1: itinerary)


Criss-cross Japan in 3 weeks: “2nd Golden Triangle” & 3 rural additions

When planning our 3-week Japanese journey (together with my husband), I aimed at a mix of popular places (Tokyo and Kyoto) and some quieter, more rural ones to encounter a different side of the country – and to take a break from the crowds. As always on our trips, I strived for staying at hotels and dining at restaurants that promise to travel in style, what was easier said than done! As Westerner in Japan, you have no feel for what is good and what might be less so. But after a ton of research, I finally managed to put together an itinerary that let my husband and me participate in – as I think – some of the best what this country has to offer.


Where to eat in style on the slopes in Zermatt/Switzerland v.2.0


3 more mountain restaurants for discerning epicure

After returning from my third stay in Zermatt, I want to keep you updated when it comes to eating in style on the slopes in one of the world’s best and biggest ski resorts, located in the western Swiss Alps. Last year, I published a post about eight ski huts for foodies in the area and now I would like to add three more as I further explored the culinary scene in this fabulous ski region.