About me

Who I am?

I am a middle-aged female, married, mother of an adult son and from Switzerland. I am not employed and I do not represent any interests except my own ones. That means I am a compassionate traveler seeking to report on my way of traveling as I am also a tireless writer.

What are the stations of my professional career?

In my professional career I started as an economist, then became a psychologist and finally completed a teacher training program for experienced professionals. After having worked in this job for more than two years I withdrew from professional life and decided to intensify my blogging activities.

What are my interests?

My great passion is traveling. When preparing for a trip, I always want to get maximum value out of the vacation. As described under “About this blog” I spend a lot of time researching and planning in order to create the best trip possible.

Further, I am an addicted reader, be it fictional or popular scientific literature. I am also fond of writing but I do it not as often as reading – I am probably no exception here …

Finally, I am very interested the subject of food, from gourmet food to healthy one. And last but not least, I am a group fitness fan – think of combat, pump and power yoga classes.

How am I connected to the travel business?

As you may have noticed, I do not have any professional bonds to the travel business, I am “just” an very interested amateur. Having said this, I used to be a hotel reviewer with TripAdvisor (from 2008 to 2016), having reached a top contributor status and this especially in the field of luxury hotels. All these reviews and some occasional other posts are also published on my blog.

I would describe me as a heavy user of services in the context of traveling, mainly hotels and restaurants. Not only do I go on trips about five times a year, I also eat out often in my region, the Swiss midland.

What about photos/comments/questions?

Costa Rica 2012
I think that is it you have to know about me. Of course I will also post photos of my trips here on this blog. You will see countries and their people on them, but no vacation snaps from my family and me, my person shall not be on the fore.

Your comments are welcome. I am also ready to answer questions about hotels, restaurants and trips. Be free to ask them! I am eager to take off as a travel blogger, I am virtually overflowing!

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