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Who am I?

Mauritius: Hotel Royal Palm 2015
I have two passions – okay I have some more, in case you are interested there is more to my person under the heading of “About me” – I am fond of traveling and I love writing. And I asked myself a few years ago why I should not combine these two things. No sooner said than done. I started as a hotel reviewer with Trip Adviser and later I published all these reviews in my travel blog. That was a first step. But now I want more. But before I go into more details I want to tell you what kind of traveler I am.

What kind of traveler am I?

Almost everyone loves traveling, it’s nothing what constitutes a person. What I consider special about me is that I am a traveler appreciating the finer things in life. That does not mean that we – my husband and myself, we always travel together – have a huge amount of money to our disposal but that spending money on traveling is our most important element of expenditure. In terms of activities traveling is our first priority. We do not spend a lot of money on fancy housing or buying ridiculously expensive art, we “only” want to enjoy our vacation as much as possible and that means for us traveling in style but only under the condition that we get value for money. We do not pay prohibitive prices! On balance, we are ready to give out money for hotels and restaurants most appealing to us but only if they are worth doing so.

Apart from having a liking for fine lodging and dining, I have the following traveling preferences. As far as hotels are concerned I am more into newer, rather modern hotels, but I also like traditional hotels in case they keep up with the times. As for restaurants, I prefer contemporary cuisine over hearty fare. When it comes to chefs, I favor younger ones with innovative ideas. With respect to destinations, so far I did travel extensively to many countries in Europe, to almost all touristy parts of North America, to Latin America, to Oceania and to some regions in Africa and in Asia. As to the latter, I recently focused more on places that are are somewhat off the beaten path, e.g. Borneo, Lombok, India or also Japan. Next on my list in this area is the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Regarding my way of traveling, I am nature lover, but I am also an urban explorer. As you already may have guessed, yes, I am a foodie, a trip without good food is for me not a satisfying experience. 

Furthermore, I do not like dwelling too long on the same place, I am interested in going forward in order to get to know new things. I am certainly not the type of traveler who is much into sunbathing and partying, I like a day or two on the beach and I do not mind having a drink in a cool bar, but that’s it. And I like to explore an area on foot! Whenever the opportunity arises, I am in for a short walk or a hike. I firmly believe that there is not better way to get a feel for a place then by walking it. Shopping is not at the top of my list of priorities when traveling. When it suits me, I do some purchases, but do not expect me to give you shopping tips.

How do I prepare traveling?

Together with my husband and sometimes with our adult son I travel the world, and this several times a year. Normally, there are about three longer trips (10 to 15 days) and ca. two short trips per year. My aim is it to get the best everywhere I go to. This involves a lot of research and planning, as the best does not always show at first sight. As a consequence, I spend hours and hours with looking through travel sites such as TripAdvisor and travel guides like Michelin and Gault Millau Guides to find the best hotels and restaurants. I also have my eyes on online newspaper articles in the context of “top hotels/restaurants in …” or “Best new hotels/restaurants in …”.

Of course I also read traditional guidebooks, but I usually use them only for itineraries as they are not often not reliable enough when it comes to hotels and restaurants. My preparation for traveling also involves browsing through travel catalogs of travel providers. I do this not because I want to book through them but only in order to broaden my knowledge about the destination in question (bookings are usually done online). And again I have a look at online newspaper articles in this context. You see, quite a lot of work to do for me …

What is this travel blog about?

Mauritius: Grand Baie 2015
My way of traveling is characterized by following main points:
  • I love traveling in style: I strive for the best accommodations and dining spots but only if they are worth the expenditure
  • Modern establishments appeal to me but I also appreciate more traditional houses when not outdated
  • A trip without culinary delights is a lost trip
  • My interests as to travel destinations and activities are widespread; walking a place is always part of my trips
  • Vacation pleasure does not come by chance but by doing extensive research and meticulous planning
As I mentioned at the beginning, up to now you “only” find my hotel reviews on this blog and occasionally some other posts. This is supposed to change. I gave up my employment and one of my main activities shall be planning trips and following up on them. On this blog I will go into various aspects in the context of traveling, i.e. my way of preparing for a trip, my travel experiences, I will publish some itineraries; of course I will also continue reviewing hotels and as a plus I will add reviews on restaurants as well. These will be restaurants visited during trips but also those near where I live and that’s the Swiss midland. In addition, I will go into opportunities to explore a place walking it. And last but not least, I will create my own Google Maps, i.e. include all the hotels, restaurants and activities of a certain trip to a Google Map with my comments and pics taken by me and my husband.

I am interested in your comments. What do you think of my blog? Tell me what you did like and also what you miss or would change resp. improve. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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